Jan. 5th, 2012

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My bright scrap quilt was a delight to come home to last night.

Today I have been restocking my apartment with produce (I've already stir fried hananoba with garlic, dried tomatoes, pine nuts and added an egg for lunch…and  sprinkled all that with a little bit of parmesan cheese) and items I had put off buying not knowing what my year would be (calendar and a new tea infuser).I am now enjoying some peppermint rooibos tea that I picked up from Maleah M while I was in Madison. In the summer I tend to make large pitchers of rooibos and mint tea to keep hydrated. The Cha-cha tea Maleah hooked me up with is far more flavorful than the rooibos I find here and mix with my dried mint.

I've also dropped by Lush for a new shampoo bar and conditioner.

I scrubbed the show/bathroom while listening to the sequel to Pride Predjuduce and Zombies on Audible. The shower/bath is separate from the toilet room and the sink and primping area and it tends to fall behind the others in cleanliness. I shower more often than bathe ( a hangover from the aftershocks right after the big quake) and I am blind without my glasses…so I only see how bad it is getting when I make the effort to look in that room in with my glasses on.

I topped off my scrubbing efforts with a hot bath and the one bath bomb I allowed myself to purchase. I smell delightful.

I'll be cooking tonight and enjoying my rest time. I head back to city hall tomorrow (Friday) and will be back to teaching dance on Saturday.

I haven't heard from D in almost a week and am thankful. The paragraphs he wrote to me after I stormed out and flew to Madison contained sentiments, descriptions of my character, and theories of my motivations that killed any want I may have had to rebuild bridges. I am glad I deleted them. They would only serve to make me angry and I'd rather remember the highs and leave the lows to shadow. I have regrets about many of my own actions in the last year in regards to the relationship but have no desire to be in contact with him.  I am more aware of my own baggage thanks to our breakup, but that shit will be worked on for my future happiness and relationships, not for reconnecting with him.

Tomorrow will probably be spent writing and writing and writing while at work. I started a bit on the plane, on my iPad, but then the ambien kicked in. Ambien went a long way in making my flight ok! Long live ambien!


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