Jan. 30th, 2012

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Here is yet another reason why I love my friend Amanda Winn Lee (who some of you may know from her anime voice work (her imdb is here http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0935313/ ) …I know her as many things  including being the most filthy-mouthed person I have ever personally been to Disneyland with (she was with her husband and child...it's her default setting). I'm also super glad that at least one of you has met her through me and grown friends.

This is from her FB fan-page…not her FB personal page...she let her opinion known to the fan base who pays attention to her for that side of her career and doesn't save it for behind-the-scene bitching on her personal page.

Amanda Winn Lee: The Fan Page
Well, my big mouth has already gotten me in trouble. A panel on "how to get in shape for cosplay" was running over into our women in anime panel. I got pissed off listening to this jerk prattle on about how to get yourself in anime shape, so I jumped on the stage, and grabbed the mike. I said "OR you can be happy with yourself the way you are and just love yourself. Some fans actually for MAD at me for that. A yelling match ensued until I chewed them out so hard that they left right before security got there. So far 7 official complaints have been lodged against me. I'm hoping to hit double digits by the end of the day.


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