Jan. 31st, 2012

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My fever has subsided and it's been a while since a big scary asthma fit…although I still don't have my lungs back. I know I'm still contagious flu-wise for at least 48 hours. I'm still sore. And if I stress out the coughing asthma I am at risk of things like serious bronchial infections/sinus infections and additional sicknesses.

Still. I am exhausted. There's a new dress form in my craft room and I'm not even thinking about padding it. I figure when my supervisor says 5 days…take them. all the extra teaching I've been doing, and the show, will help cover anything sick days won't.

Nin and Hiromi will be dropping of food for sick people tonight. Hiromi has been here before and Nin works a few stops away. Yay.

My upcoming plans:

Wednesday; Rest…email Alan with an update of my health because we all have a show Saturday

Thursday: Rest…update.

Friday: Rest, bundle up in the late afternoon for a trip to the shrink for more mood meds.


Teach only 2 out of 3 of my classes with Hiromi on-hand just in case. I was out sick last Saturday and we have an upcoming student performance. I want my Roma students to have a chance to film the whole choreo for practice as I only had time to film the first 2/3s and upload it before I got sick. Zill&Drills and Turkish Roma can't really be subbed by anyone else…basics can be.

Show? TBD. Have asked Alan if the venue (Mother's Ruin) could go no-smoking for the night.
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So when I got the meds and triple espressos (for the caffeine-lung connection) lined up and timed up right I did have patches of good, if not deep, breathing time backstage at the Karim Nagi show. I had a sharpie marker with me and promptly labeled any water I touched with a big OZ. I bring a sharpie to shows with me for this purpose, so I don't have to spend time wondering if I've got my own water or someone else's. It's the small things.

I have nothing to report about the other performances because I didn't get to see any save two lovely rehearsals...but I can tell you that we spanned :Tribal/Tribal Fusion, Turkish oriental, Turkish Roma, Egyptian Shaabi, Modern Egyptian and more. There were acrylic balls, veil poi, zills, canes, and more.

Self-assesement and lots of fun backstage. )


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