Feb. 11th, 2012

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Just got back from performing at Ancyra in Warabi. Some of the restaurants are coming back for me...but it probably helps that Ancyra not only plastered me all over their webpage about bellydance shows about 3 years ago...they put my NAME on my pictures. ( http://ancyra.jp/dance.html) So I may sometimes get asked for...and they have never argued on my price. I'll be there again on the 25th.

It was only a matter of time until elementary support staff and staff hunted me down and came to see me dance. One of the English support staff follows my Facebook costume posts and saw that I had a restaurant gig...and she brought the maintenance woman from that school who has also been wanting to see the dance side of my life. They booked a reservation and spent an hour on a train to see me perform.

So I had happy elementary school people, a few women's night out groups, happy Turkish folks, dates and multiple families with children at the restaurant. Win Win.

I'm now getting really to do some nightime yoga and conk out for tonight. Tomorrow's the dance studio "hafla" recital and I need to be there dancing with students, cheering them on, and performing with zills because I'll soon be teaching zill classes twice a week at the studio (zill classes are becoming my most popular of classes).



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