Feb. 13th, 2012

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I'm home early from work. The weekend was too much for me and by the time of the halfa I was back to being a coughing mess. It's slowed down this morning but I'm home to rest, having done all my classroom prep. If anything I cough up takes on a color or it gets work...back to the hospital.

Last night's halfa (minus my health) was lovely. Hannah (who Monica knows) traveled 2HOURS to see a student recital for a studio she doesn't attend. THAT is kindness and a healthy curiousity about other scenes.

It was a a dance/karaokee "hall", not general public at all (except Hannah and she counts as friend because she knows me and Hiromi and one of my students)...all friends and family and other dancers.

There was a wide range of very studen-y costumes and very student-y performances of class choreographies and it was wonderful for just how studenty and supportive it was. No super-fancy outfits folks couldn't afford, no diva attitudes, a few handmades (But...IRONED VEILS THANK YOU!) hoodies used as cover-ups, a decent range of body types (for Japan)...all in a very safe place.

Before I arrived and before the doors were opened,  HIromi translated the studio-blog message I'd posted that day and read it to everyone:

I know you are all preparing for the hafla…and many of you are worried. Here's a small list of things to remember:

1. This is a safe place to dance. You are dancing for friends, family, and other dancers . Everyone wants you to do well. Everyone will be happy for you … even if you make mistakes. Everyone wants you to have fun today.

2. Mistakes are part of learning and performing. Don't worry about them too much.

3. JUST GETTING ON STAGE is a huge accomplishment. HUGE!

4. Before you do on stage, stand tall and confident.

5. Before you go on stage: Tell yourself you are going to do great. You are going to be AWESOME. You don't have to believe it…but you do need to say it to yourself.

6. Have fun. We dance for the joy it brings ourselves and others.


My students did a kick-ass job, from what I could see.  Before we took the stage I kept telling them "You're gonna be AWESOME!", and we struck strong poses. They also did a smashing job in the non-choreographed section. The person I am most aware of flubbing our choreography was...me.

Here is a shot Hannah took of all of us teachers after our solo-demonstrations of our skill sets. I regret missing the performance of the new teacher on the far right...but I was changing costumes. My hair is pretty flat from sweating. I think it looked better in person.

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Well, yes, my photo finally has been used as an album cover without permission. Big thanks to Kiyanna for spotting this.

This seems to be the cover to "Oriental Belly Dance (Rakany Ya Malem 3) by Antar Huseen" I've made the bigtime! One of his other albums has Aziza on it!

Come join me in my sensual dance before the illuminated cock!


Feb. 13th, 2012 07:50 pm
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Fever is back and they've put me on antibiotics.

A few more days in bed.

Hiromi will be at her little brother's place nearby if I need anything.


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