Mar. 9th, 2012


Mar. 9th, 2012 08:51 am
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One of the difficulties in going from high schools to elementary schools in 2004 was adjusting to working in places where everyone ate lunch at the same time (and the same school lunch, except me) and there was NO snacking.

Snacking at elementary schools is generally forbidden...same with city hall. It was rough.

I'm more than a week into tracking my calorie/food intake. I've adjusted over the last 8 years but I know now that not snacking in utterly unreasonable for me. I hit a low around 11AM and another one around 4:00 when I head home...even if I've had a protein rich breakfast and a solid lunch.

Without the mid-morning snack I am super hungry and wolf down my food (and if I am at city hall there's the possibility of getting junk food after I've finished my lunch but before I feel full) and that when I am headed home I have a high chance of stopping at a convini for a walk&eat sugary item or eating without thought once home...and feeling the hunger crash probably is not great for my teaching either.

I bought a small, snack-sized bento box to add to my lunch basket. It's divided in half for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and I keep it on my desk. It's opaque and doesn't scream SNACKS FOR KAYT and feels less illicit than keeping a processed snack item in my drawer to hide and eat when I "can't take it anymore"

I am now eating a small portion of pistachios/ string cheese/ and dried fruits for as a snack and it helps. It helps to do this right before I generally get hungry. It's making lunchtime a space in which I can actually enjoy the food I have made and packed for myself. Having a snack bento also makes it feel more official. Like "I need food, it's normal, so I have prepared myself something instead of needing to go secretly foraging/or graze on whatever I see."

I've also gone back to remembering to fill my waterbottle when I head to teach dance. This keeps me out of convinis when I might be anxious about what I am going to teach...which is when I toss a random snack in with my water purchase regardless of what I've packed or already eaten.

Doing these small things have made my meals more enjoyable...and made the nights when I do pick up the Hagendaz (seasonal flavors! YAY! Chocolate brownies!) more relaxing because I am not inhailing it all before I get to really savor it.

Because I like food. It's yummy.

Worth it.

Mar. 9th, 2012 08:50 pm
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Now I am teaching "Intro to Bellydance" "Oriental style bellydance" and "Zills and Drills" on Thursday night in the Matsudo studio (along with 3 classes on Saturday).

Zills & Drills has become one of my bigger classes (which means 5-6 students) with a range of student levels On Thursday night we have the ever-loyal E who was my one constant student last year in Tokyo (who also lives near me, so she was commuting the hour-long trains as well) alongside students who have JUST bought their first set of zills ever.

Last night, after stretches, I did a short improvisational performance with zills, because some students have never seen me dance and other students need to be reminded of what is beyond stepping and combinations...and how far someone who once feared zills can come.

E broke into tears as I danced. She and her husband reserved a table to see me perform at Ala Turca in Aoyama  tomorrow night AND she sent me a thank-you email.

It was a good night.


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