Mar. 27th, 2012

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Week 3+ into watching my food intake result:
I've sent an email to my shrink, who is a doctor, asking if at my next session (tomorrow) she can give me information about what sort of blood tests to ask my other doctor for. I am starting to suspect that I don't get enough iron and that it might be worth looking into the blood work for it. In the meantime I've shifted natto (for the iron and b12) and slightly more vitamin C/Iron combos back into my diet but as a veg (and because plant-form iron is harder for the body to absorb)I may need to get this checked. It would explain my general fatigue because it doesn't seem mental-health related and I'm in pretty damned good physical health.

My shrink may be lowering my lexapro dose soon. She mentioend that she'd like to see if I would do well on a lower dose in the spring/summer time to mirror how I needed an increase in the wintertime.


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