Apr. 23rd, 2012

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My brain capacity is trashed. I attended two workshops ( Elena Lentini) and a show this weekend. This means much train time and uneven eating. I tossed onto that pile a new hourlong work out DVD ( Bob Harper, something about core) so this morning, Monday,it hurt to move.

I planned to sneak off and take a work nap. I had my tiny pillow packed and everything.

Then the Ozma Hotline rang while at work. Bellydance Emergency!

Hiromi and I have been taking turns getting really sick this year. I had severe asthma/influenza A/the start of a bronchial infection. Soon after I recovered she got Type B and then pneumonia and other complications. So she was in no condition to attend a workshop she paid for today and couldn't find a replacement.

So, I took half a day of and went straight into Shinjuku at lunch. I bought dance practice wear and a flamenco fan on the way. No time to stop at the studio! White Rabbit for once! I'm late! I'm late!

There is stuff to be learned! Hiromi gave me the space in exchange for me teaching her anything I remember.

No nap, 3 more hours with Elena in an over-packed workshop instead.

I'm headed home, stopping to buy some groceries. Goodness knows if I'll even eat them. I might just fall asleep.

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