May. 4th, 2012

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I realize that my shiso adventure may be premature. Shiso is taking over my garden but most of the plants are still rather small. This means that daily shiso leaf eating, while easily possible in a few weeks, might be overkill. Still, it is best to be prepared for the onslaught…besides, I need to scale recipes back anyways due to living alone.

I found the greatest number of English shiso recipes at The Humble Bean Blog which looks to be a great place to check into for fresh, simple, Japanese food. Today's recipe for Tomato & Shiso Salad comes from there.

It claims to serve two, but I don't need to serve two people right now. I want to feed myself so I modified the recipe.

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The Trash Jawas still have the trash area on lockdown.

The Trash Jawas are the elderly women who are picking through the trash every morning around 6 AM to make sure you are not throwing out the wrong item on the wrong day.

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