May. 22nd, 2012

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I'm part of a free-cycle mailing list, free stuff Japan. It's a place for people looking to give away or looking to find items.

This, however, was one of today's posts. I'm not at risk of having a bridal shower thrown for me...if I do and one of you does this, I will kill you.

The message:
This may sound odd to some, but I am looking for 29 unused sex toys that you might wanna trash, like dildo or any other related stuff...

I am organizing a bridal shower for a client and at the same time a friend of mine, and I need these things for the event to be hosted at the first week of July. These sex toys will also be given as giveaways to 29 people who will be joining the party. If there are some that you don't need, feel free to buzz me about them with photos please... thanks a lot!

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