Jul. 1st, 2012

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I'm sorry, LJ, I havn't been here as much as I'd like.

It's just, well, right now it's the same-old same-old. T

he iron pills are building me up and I'm slated for some more blood-tests before my vacation so we can get results and see if it's working before I'm all jet-set and exciting. There hasn't been much to report on that, except the morning my bowels became a black river of flume ride...and part of me thinks LJ wants to hear more than my intestinal rumblings.

Dance goes. I'm currently working to get more coverage in Japanese Bellydance sites, like the Bellydance Japan dancer listings...but after a few days of Japanese emails I need a second set of eyes to tell me if I understand how to proceed to the next step.

And dance wanes a bit. as I've made the choice to go from teaching six classes a week to five classes. Hiromi will take over Saturday "first timers/basics" class which will give me the ability to enjoy the yoga class before my classes AND stop working through what should be my lunch time. I'll have more ability to do things on Saturday and it'll decrease my change that the first-timers will walk in and find me taking a cat-nap between classes.

Cat-nap is the word for what my body does after the Turkish Roma class. A few times I've asked Hiromi to tend check in while I sprawl out on the area rug near the windows and promptly fall asleep in a variety of stretching poses. I have yet to ask for a blood test to check for feline genetics because I don't want to confirm what I already know...and it can be so awkward asking your parents which ancestor cross-bred with a house-cat.

And, yes, my long-overdue look into the second half of my travels is happening...slowly. Sorry.


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