Jul. 11th, 2012

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That time of the year is starting.

In the morning I now clip a second set of curtains into the kitchen windows (which usually just have cute little quarter-length accent curtains) so that when I get home in the late afternoon I do not step into hades. When I get home I open all the windows that can create cross-breezes and start running the fans. I also water all my gardens, this is an “OMG DON’T DIE” watering and is usually followed before bedtime with another watering round of “enjoy the water before the evil sun returns to TRY AND KILL YOU."

I now have multiple water-bottles with filter systems so I can constantly rehydrate at schools and at the studio…because the sun is TRYING to KILL me…and I’m into my yearly ritual of trying to find a sunblock that works on my face without my skin screaming.

Still, it beats winter…because I can grow stuff, I eat well, and my body doesn’t hurt.


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