Jul. 14th, 2012

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Tonight, after a trip to a nearby fabric store, I ran into Natsumi-chan. She's a neighbor of mine and lives in the apartment complex behind my little two-flat apartment.

I know her from when I lived in my last apartment. We both took Zumba classes at the sports club in my old neighborhood. When I moved, I ended my sportsclub contract to save money. Soon after, I ran into her at "my" station and we figured out that we both live 6 minutes away from the station...a few more encounters and we realized just HOW close we lived.

She now teaches Zumba at a few sportsclubs in the area. She started around the same time I started teaching belly dance. when we run into each other we get updates on each other's teaching lives. She's floated my name to a few sports club as a possible bellydance teacher, but they've thus far balked at the idea of the possible language issues.

It's nice to know someone that lives this close to me. It's a small thing.


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