Jul. 22nd, 2012

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In the continuing game of "where do you put the dancer?" I present a photo from last night's venue, Shiva in Shimokitazawa.


And yet, at one point there were three quirky modern dancers being...things...in a great way.

more pictures and blather. )
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I've been getting some really sweet student emails lately.

Yesterday, I made my Roma students strap on zills...in my "OMFG I need to figure out some combinations for GERMANY" weeks.

And, because we had some time, I had a student film a quick breakdown of the combination and practice and uploaded in on a private link and sent it to the students who were there.

One of my students, the new pilates and yoga teacher, replied:

"Thank you so match!
I 'll watch this movie,again and again!"
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Three of these folks were dancing last night:

Well, the guy was a different guy. Tabata Maki is on the left.

This is Mari...and it is really not going to be most people's cup of tea but I love it.

It's stunning to have dancers who can do this sort of thing enjoy what I do and ask questions and say "I can't do THAT"...although I think, of course, they can. They have amazing control.


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