Aug. 15th, 2012

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Hey, jetlag, what ya knowing?

I have puffy muffin feet from the airplanes. I arrived in Japan last night around 6:30, was in bed by 10 pm, and then was 1 am! That’s how I roll. No, that’s how I now lurch into work. That’s where I am now.

Good news: my feet are swollen but my intestines aren’t!

Two weeks to catch up on, eh?

And so it starts... )
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Day 1: Dussledorf, Germany.

Khalida and I both slept in. I was exhausted from travel. She and Queenie had just finished up their multi-day Bellydance Bootcamp.

My first European workshop was a day away.

On our free day, Khalida and I thought we might do a bit of sight-seeing and take goofy pictures at a location where three countries meet…with wings. She packed the wings in the car.

Day one continues... )

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Day Two: Dusseldorf, Germany – Leuven, Belgium

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