Aug. 19th, 2012

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I've just come back from  the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition and the Gala show afterwards

I have much to write about (Eshe, your students were joyous) and, yes, Ranya Renee is OMFGood. But before I stop believe in it, I need to write about Nicole's group.

Drag Queens could take lessons from Nicole in presentation and showman ship.

Nicole is a local, Japanese, fucking POWERHOUSE of dance/dance productions. I wish it were easier to find youtubes of her. And when she puts together something for for stage featuring herself AND her female troupe AND the men"s troupe of her studio (EG'ZILE go head…youtube them for a second…her husband is one of them) she puts on a motherfucking SHOW. At first I thought to describe it as Cirque-like but I think it's more "Bellydance meets the SYTCD top 10 dancers opening number."

I am pretty sure I just saw:

Devils (as played by the men of EG'ZILE) rise from hell, swatting in their tight leather and gold outfits with red silk veils wrapped like blood around them. Then, White Bellydancing Angels, with fan veils, came into to do battle with them. Much battle ensued, some racy, with much drama….OH THE DRAHMA...and then ALL THE VEILS! …and suddenly the devils have fan veils, the angels have red veils…i have no fucking idea that that means (maybe the duality of man, that Jungian thing) there is much commotion as the music rises to a crescendo and then breaks!

and….I shit you not…

The teaming masses part as  Nicole -  like Jesus Christ (in white draped with veils) - is lifted up, her arms outstretched, AND ASCENDS TO HEAVEN.

And that should be WTF bellydance…but it was pretty awesome.

I love that woman.

I laughed my ass off....but I was saying LUV HUH! while I did it.
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I bought creme-peach colored fanveils...because my new costume told me to. I guess I need to learn fan veils now. At least I already bought Mahasti's first van veil dvd a while back!

Oh, and have I not shown you the AWESOMENESS of the Bella costume that totally made me buy it in istanbul?

Replyhazy dubbed it Poison Ivy )


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