Sep. 13th, 2012

Busy bees.

Sep. 13th, 2012 10:23 am
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I recently posted a FB comment to the effect of "I can't remember a time that I wasn't compulsively making things." My mother replied, "There's a reason for that."

I make things, with my hands and my words. I always have. High school is easier to recollect. By that point I was: painting people's clothing, painting my own, making wire sculptures, painting, drawing and making jewelry in Art Metal class (lost wax casting/soldiering)..and doing theater.

I was going to start this post with "It's shaping up to be a busy dance month...." but, it's been a bloody long time since it was not a busy dance month and I am greatful.

I am a little frazzled, but each busy month helps me do what I do more effenciently.

I'm trying to retrain my body to allow me to work-out or do yoga/stretching in the morning. I'm into my second goes slow but I figure getting the pattern into me, the coffee-needy not-so-morning gal, will take time. I'm starting with shorter yoga and stretching programs before I decide to toss anything hard into the morning try..

I've gotten through a show featuring two duets with Hiromi. I've now got a better feel for how we work (and don't work) as a team and what division of labor makes sense. I am, oddly enough, the one who can memorize, refresh-myself on, and re-teach duet choreographies better. She's better at organizing the events themselves.

At the end of this month 9/30  we'll have another, free to the local public, show of students and teachers outside of Matsudo station. So each week, now that the duets are over, I am focusing on rehearsing my "Oriental class" "Turkish Roma class"  students in the choreographies they know (in extra rehearsal time, because I don't want new students to have to speed through unfamiliar choreos) and organizing our costumes (simple! SIMPLE! SIMPLE!)...and refreshing myself for dancing live again with a well known Saz player.

Because that OBVIOUSLY isn't enough. It looks like that day will not only contain 2 stages of music, but then I'll hop on a train, head an hour and a half away, and do two stages with Alan and his bass player at a restaurant party.

October will have a similar student event and Megu, from up north, is putting me in touch with a Tokyo dancer who needs a guest dancer for her halfa. November will involve workshops up north.

So,today's workday at the day job is light, so I've had time to do some hand sewing, review and type up the veil choreography notes(Elisa Gamal's choreo to be precise. I learned it at RAKS. I'm teaching it to my Oriental Class and crediting the hell out of her. I figure that she's not a dancer local students would get the chance to learn from otherwise and I really liked the amount of balance in the choreo. It's not too busy but has a few veil tricks worth drilling and space around those tricks to let them breathe and have impact) and catch up on my emails. After I teach special needs students I'll get to work on tonight's zill combination, as tonight is my 3 class evening. 


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