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Saturday 11:00-12:30: Artemisia: Workout and stretch or Elisa Gamal: Solo Choreo Therapy

I’d already done solo-choreo therapy so it was time to workout and stretch.

NOT SO FAST! It’s time for another venue issue! The studio set aside for Artemisia was full of Zumba-ing ladies. WTF?!

As we waited ( and some of us peeked in, caught the moves, and hall danced) Artemisia went off to figure out wtf. We were right. They were wrong. It would take calling in person X to remove the Zumbatics and by then much of our time would be up…so we were given the basket ball court.

HAHA! No sound system. HAHAHA!

A few minutes into Artemisia leading us through a relaxing workout, without the help of music for keeping time, I realized. I HAZ iPAD!

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I bought creme-peach colored fanveils...because my new costume told me to. I guess I need to learn fan veils now. At least I already bought Mahasti's first van veil dvd a while back!

Oh, and have I not shown you the AWESOMENESS of the Bella costume that totally made me buy it in istanbul?

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I've just come back from  the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition and the Gala show afterwards

I have much to write about (Eshe, your students were joyous) and, yes, Ranya Renee is OMFGood. But before I stop believe in it, I need to write about Nicole's group.

Drag Queens could take lessons from Nicole in presentation and showman ship.

Nicole is a local, Japanese, fucking POWERHOUSE of dance/dance productions. I wish it were easier to find youtubes of her. And when she puts together something for for stage featuring herself AND her female troupe AND the men"s troupe of her studio (EG'ZILE go head…youtube them for a second…her husband is one of them) she puts on a motherfucking SHOW. At first I thought to describe it as Cirque-like but I think it's more "Bellydance meets the SYTCD top 10 dancers opening number."

I am pretty sure I just saw:

Devils (as played by the men of EG'ZILE) rise from hell, swatting in their tight leather and gold outfits with red silk veils wrapped like blood around them. Then, White Bellydancing Angels, with fan veils, came into to do battle with them. Much battle ensued, some racy, with much drama….OH THE DRAHMA...and then ALL THE VEILS! …and suddenly the devils have fan veils, the angels have red veils…i have no fucking idea that that means (maybe the duality of man, that Jungian thing) there is much commotion as the music rises to a crescendo and then breaks!

and….I shit you not…

The teaming masses part as  Nicole -  like Jesus Christ (in white draped with veils) - is lifted up, her arms outstretched, AND ASCENDS TO HEAVEN.

And that should be WTF bellydance…but it was pretty awesome.

I love that woman.

I laughed my ass off....but I was saying LUV HUH! while I did it.
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Is it just me...or am I currently blogging like I did pre-earthquake?
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It’s 1am! Why would I want to be asleep? That me who wanted to crawl under the floor and hibernate during the Movie Night is GONE because it’s 1AM!
That’s how the day started, under-rested.
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The recently completed vacation is a difficult creature to fix in place.

Returning home is like stepping out of the water. There’s the relief of dry land, warmth, and the familiarity of the everyday. There is tangible evidence of your swim, but those ripples subside and the water evaporates from your skin. After that point it’s hard to fully recall the sensations of moving through water, floating, being immersed. Eventually you fall asleep without the body memories of being buoyant flittering through your muscles.

The longer the journey, the harder it is to write-up. Do you start at the end, the most recent images, and hope the beginning is there when you arrive? Do you hope your recall of the start of the journey doesn’t write over the ending? Do you submit to the fact that memory isn’t linear at all and just expand on what you can grasp at any given sitting, hoping that a whole will be made of your parts?

As I fell asleep last night I remembered an omission in my narrative: After Khalida and I stretched side-by-side at her apartment and before I was pacing, about to teach, in her studio, she’d read my cards.

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After a night of near-sleep and then not so great sleep, I have slept! It was a nap on a meeting room floor this morning, but I’ll take what I can get.

Ok, back to Leuven, Brussels.

Day 3 of Travel: RAKS begins.

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Day Two: Dusseldorf, Germany – Leuven, Belgium

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Day 1: Dussledorf, Germany.

Khalida and I both slept in. I was exhausted from travel. She and Queenie had just finished up their multi-day Bellydance Bootcamp.

My first European workshop was a day away.

On our free day, Khalida and I thought we might do a bit of sight-seeing and take goofy pictures at a location where three countries meet…with wings. She packed the wings in the car.

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Hey, jetlag, what ya knowing?

I have puffy muffin feet from the airplanes. I arrived in Japan last night around 6:30, was in bed by 10 pm, and then was 1 am! That’s how I roll. No, that’s how I now lurch into work. That’s where I am now.

Good news: my feet are swollen but my intestines aren’t!

Two weeks to catch up on, eh?

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Aug. 14th, 2012 07:23 pm
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I'm on a train back to my apartment. I've got weeks to write about.

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CDG Int in Paris can suck the biggest dead whale balls.

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I haven't forgotten you, Live Journal. I do read you.

I'm headed out to Germany/Belgium/Istanbul for the next two weeks.
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Three of these folks were dancing last night:

Well, the guy was a different guy. Tabata Maki is on the left.

This is Mari...and it is really not going to be most people's cup of tea but I love it.

It's stunning to have dancers who can do this sort of thing enjoy what I do and ask questions and say "I can't do THAT"...although I think, of course, they can. They have amazing control.
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I've been getting some really sweet student emails lately.

Yesterday, I made my Roma students strap on my "OMFG I need to figure out some combinations for GERMANY" weeks.

And, because we had some time, I had a student film a quick breakdown of the combination and practice and uploaded in on a private link and sent it to the students who were there.

One of my students, the new pilates and yoga teacher, replied:

"Thank you so match!
I 'll watch this movie,again and again!"
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In the continuing game of "where do you put the dancer?" I present a photo from last night's venue, Shiva in Shimokitazawa.


And yet, at one point there were three quirky modern dancers a great way.

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Tonight, after a trip to a nearby fabric store, I ran into Natsumi-chan. She's a neighbor of mine and lives in the apartment complex behind my little two-flat apartment.

I know her from when I lived in my last apartment. We both took Zumba classes at the sports club in my old neighborhood. When I moved, I ended my sportsclub contract to save money. Soon after, I ran into her at "my" station and we figured out that we both live 6 minutes away from the station...a few more encounters and we realized just HOW close we lived.

She now teaches Zumba at a few sportsclubs in the area. She started around the same time I started teaching belly dance. when we run into each other we get updates on each other's teaching lives. She's floated my name to a few sports club as a possible bellydance teacher, but they've thus far balked at the idea of the possible language issues.

It's nice to know someone that lives this close to me. It's a small thing.
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That time of the year is starting.

In the morning I now clip a second set of curtains into the kitchen windows (which usually just have cute little quarter-length accent curtains) so that when I get home in the late afternoon I do not step into hades. When I get home I open all the windows that can create cross-breezes and start running the fans. I also water all my gardens, this is an “OMG DON’T DIE” watering and is usually followed before bedtime with another watering round of “enjoy the water before the evil sun returns to TRY AND KILL YOU."

I now have multiple water-bottles with filter systems so I can constantly rehydrate at schools and at the studio…because the sun is TRYING to KILL me…and I’m into my yearly ritual of trying to find a sunblock that works on my face without my skin screaming.

Still, it beats winter…because I can grow stuff, I eat well, and my body doesn’t hurt.

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I've moved most of my costuming adventures over to FB, so they are easier to search.

What I'm back to work on:

All the pictures can be found here.


Jul. 6th, 2012 07:33 am
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I'm in bed with my neck iced.

I shouldn't have done backwards and forward somersaults with 5th graders.


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