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I am hungry.


I could kill with my teeth. I forgot my lunch. I will have to go out there, into the burning, in a half an hour.


There is glitter on my skin and in my hair. This is impressive when you learn that, while I packed my glitter bar last night, I forgot to apply any. This is all contact-transfer…and I have showered twice since the event.


This weekend was a blur of costuming, not just in an attempt to finish Eshe’s costume by the event, or to make a trumpet skirt and gauntlets for the event, but to also finish items I am working on for Ezma so I can send one finished item and one item for try-on, before I go to Istanbul on August 7th.


Eshe’s belt is too tiny. It’ll be a quick fix, maybe an hour’s work, and I’ll send it out this week. The measurement I had written for her were wrong. I should have known by the costumes I’ve bought from her that her hips aren’t that much smaller than mine. I think I’ve slimmed down more than I realized (the May/June restaurant gig spree probably did some of it) …and my co-workers have been joking that I’ve lost three kilos over Kabaddi week (an overstatement, but maybe one kilo, yeah).


Friday, after my last Kabaddi lesson, I went to work on costumes. I finished most everything by Saturday evening. I even had time in the afternoon to meet and go to an art show with my “pole sister” whom I know through all the Pretty Boy fallout…but that’s another story.


I was still pumped up with “gotta make stuff, can’t sit still” energy when Saturday night rolled around. I couldn’t sleep, but was physically exhausted at the same time. I woke up many times in the night and waaaay too early on Sunday morning…which Eshe and Anaan can attest to due to my erratic text messaging. Gomen.


Sometimes between packing, practicing, eating a light but healthy lunch, I decided I would be using my zills when I performed to live music. Sure, I wouldn’t have time to run through beforehand, I’ve never zilled with live music, and I haven’t drilled my zills since I flew to California…but it would be  the song Zeina and I’ve reached a point where I feel more comfortable dancing with the zills on than off. I packed the Saroyan Neffertitis. I didn’t pack the Zildjians because I haven’t drilled lately (and my right forearm was already cramped from over sewing) and them Zildjans are loud. I didn’t want to push my luck, even though they are easier for me to do quadruplets with and modulate.


The show was beautiful. )


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Me from the Afet Show. Charlie K had sound problems early on, so he's overdubbed the Balkany stuff...I think you should check out Eshe's stuff from Charlie K . Those of you who have Girl Crushes on Anaan...I don't know if she's given Charlie a "Yup, sure, put it on You Tube" yet.

First...the last:

My two cents: Hey, it was my second time with live music. I came in tooooo early and then got my shit together about 2 minutes in. I should have let them noodle/intro around for longer, build anticipation. In those moments you can also see me going too quickly...then I relax into it. BUt I do relax, I do have fun, and I do start listening to the music instead of anticipating it.
And Balkany Fusiony stuff:

You guys have read where my head was.

I do wish I could see more of my hips in these clips, I think it'd help me see the whole picture.

Here is the one where I go on thinking "Damn, this is supposed to be my second song...whaaaaat?!" and take a while to relax into it

Need to work on :My hands are getting a little pinwheely again for all clips. Would like more level changes, more chest work. But most of all I need to stay longer:, When I change arm positions I really need to let my arms remain where I've moved them to for a while. I need to stay in certain movements for longer so people grasp them, I'm switching switching too often, if I stay with a movement longer people will see how it connects to the music, they'll recognize it if it comes back for a similar musical refrain etc....

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From Ronna's iPhone. You'd never know I took those pants up 3 inches...back to the cutting board.

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I'd been to Mother's Ruin once before, to see Anaan/Joe/Farasha perform as Harrissa. It's not a large venue, but it's a loveable one. It's one of two bar/cafes run by our DJ and his wife: Mother and Mother's Ruin. They took great care and thought in designing Ruin (I've never seen Mother). They didn't "find the space" they painstakingly built it. It's below ground, the walls are organic-looking stone with inset lights that shine through glass Aztec/Mayan faces. The floor is well worn wood. The benches and tables are all wood and also very organic looking...and there is the large copper lizard crawling across the ceiling. It's very cave/found looking.


The show, sort of disjointed because I am still knackered )
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This was written at work on MOnday. I've since DONE the super extra show and it ROOOOOCKED my world...and now I seem to be texting back and forth with a J-boy I think might be only 22....but that's for is me yesterday*


Satu-Sun )

Afet Prep.

Jan. 20th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Currently trying to figure out which songs to request from the live band this Saturday.

Eshe sent me a list... but without audio clips it's so hard to decide because the pacing and musicians really REALLY make the music. One band's rocking Mustapha can be another band's total fucking mess.

And I know the band is going to want to rehearse and get everything finalized and polished when I really am more of a "hit me with something quirky and bonus points if it's 9/8 or 7/8 or some other limping creature"

I'm down four, trying to get it down to two in the next few hours. Time to take a hot bath and recharge.

A la Turk
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I’m preparing for the upcoming Afet Collective show January 24 at Cozmos. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to indulge/perform my beloved Balkan/Klezmer music. I bust out a Romani 9/8 every week at the restaurant, but I last took the Balkan music out in July’s Tribal Fusion Night…so it’s bursting.

I still want someone (who is not me) to research and publish something on the shared music roots of Klezmer/Jewish music and Romani music and the parallels of vaudeville scene and pre-war Turkish theaters. Why will no one do my homework for me?

Anyway, It looks like I’ll be doing one 2-song set of Klezmer/Balkan and then doing a song (or as many songs as I can reasonably do without pushing stepping on any other dancer toes) in the last stage with local live band Aladeen.

Looking forward to seeing Eshe, (who I will also play helper to on Sunday the 25 as she does workshops before she flys back to Korea), Yoko (who I haven't seen dance in over a year and a half) and usual suspects Suiren and Anaan. Henna and Farasha will be missed, but Joe and Nourah should lively up the changing room and stage. Nourah and I have already exchanged "So happy to be doing an event with YOU!" emails and I've told her I would like to do more and pump her for info on Turkey.

Costume blather:

As much as everyone loves the pinstripes and GOD do I love them, it’s time to find another pants option for being all kick-tastic. It’s looking like either the gold halter set I made with my free gold/crème Geisha Moth Pants (pants have since been hemmed  )or my poppy set with black pinstripe pants and the jagged red chiffon “fire skirt” I made when working on my fire costume for the photo shoot….but I do have a green pair of velvet pants with artsy tears and such coming my way…so I may do an all green look or pair those with the poppies.

(edited to add: I got the velvet pants. They, in combination with the jagged fire over-skirt, go great with the poppies…and by great I mean that I look like the sexiest/craziest escaped elf ever! MC Jingle Bitch for the win! Totally wearing it.)

It makes sense to wear the Bella for the live set…because it is stunning and the skirt is full enough to have the range of motion I like for a peppy 9/8. ORANGE! I may decide at the last minute to wear the fire costume Instead.

I’ve found lyrics for the songs I’m be using for my cd-fueled set (well, one song needed the Yiddish translated, the second one has English lyrics). I’ll be dancing to a version of Spiewai Yidl Mitn Fidl by Justyna Steczkowska (I need to get the album it’s on sometime) and Khelm is Warsam by Golem. Where does my love of Klezmer come from?

Pipedream time? To dance with Golem playing live some day.

In more realistic pipe dreams. I have found Ahmet Ogren’s facebook. I will study with him, in Turkey…yes I will.

Ahmet Luleci will be back in Japan and I’ve signed up for the one-night workshop with him next month. He pretty much changed my dance life last time he was here. I am awaiting the details of Eva Cernick’s trip here in March.

Woot wooooooot!

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It's one of those all city hall days where I look purposeful and get non-work stuff done. Prepare yourself for massive belly-blather.

I did finish the English and Japanese lesson plans for the Ninja game, but the rest of this morning has been about the paperwork of belly dance.

Last night I received 500 flyers for the January Afet Collective show from Eshe.blah blah blah 9/8  )

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For those of you curious about some of the names that come up in my blog, I am happy to be able to point you toward another one.


Eshe can now be found at [ profile] eshenavah  on live journal. It's mostly a journal for her students in Korea, a few thoughts about dance for them, and some of those tasty pictures of Eshe we love ( and that the haters all hate up on, because she really is lovely.)

It's not a place to read snarky'll still be getting that here. Eshe's is professional and her sweet blog reflects that. She ain't all nasty like me, which is why she's unstoppable.

So, love up on my girl.


Feb. 9th, 2008 05:25 pm
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Last night The Afet Collective raised 170,000 yen for charity!

In one night!


As for me, I went to accupuncture this morning and am now in my pjs, where I will stay for the rest of the day, resting up.
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The oddest sensation of dancing last night was that, because of putting my abdomen through vomitty hell a few days before, all of my abdominal muscles were tight. Moves just didn't feel the same, I don't think I had the same range of motion, and it was hard to know if I was executing movements as fully as I normally would. It was one fo those times that you just have to trust muscle memory will get you through.
Muscle memory was probably better than my own skull and brain memory last night:

First set I wore my dark blue tribaret with the lilac skirt, wore a sexy halter and jeans for the second, third I pulled on my fancy black melodia ribbon pinstripe pants, my pinstriped halter, neck piece and arm bands and realized...I didn't pack my pinstriped belt.

Plum forgot.


The top looks decent enough with just the wasn't like I'd forgotten my top...but there was proof that I haven't been 100% there mentally while sick. It made me thankful once more for shooting the whole outfit with Michael Baxter..

We should have photos in a few weeks or so. Nam covered the event with his camera, as did a photographer of Farasha's, and a grey-haired pro that might have been with Japan Bellydance magazine (maybe? not sure). Charlie K was MIA.


Jan. 26th, 2008 07:37 am
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Oh my god, how stunning does Afet Collective Member and costuming buying Farasha look on her new webpage?
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Time to rock out!

Big shout out to Eshe and her sweetie, without whom we wouldn't be all The Afet Collective we can be.
Thanks to the dynamic duo we have a feature article in "Being A Broad" Magazine here....aaaaaand...something in the Metropolis magazine prior to the show (please, please, hope we get in The Agenda section of must see stuff) aaaaaaaaaaand 300 words and a picture in the What"s On section of the Japan Times prior to show.
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The Afet Collective has had a long relationship with Dj. B. Krishta. He's been the DJ who has most often been in charge of the sounds for events I've danced at, starting with the crazy lady days.

The first time I danced a full 30 minute oriental set it was his oldest daughter I ended up pulling up to dance with me. I remember that she had dark eyeliner on and for some of the acts before me she wore a "too cool for this scene" expression that I was set on changing. I didn't know who she was at the time, but when he emailed me after the show I was happy to burn my set for her.

He's got one more daughter. She's 19 and like her older sister, set off to study abroad. This one moved to LA for film school and is compleating her first semester now.

So, because I am a creature lacking in great holiday spirit, but I know many of you aren't, I bring you her Christmas movie. It's simple and cute and also reflects the Japanese view of Christmas night; it's a very important date night and that some sort of Christmas light display must be viewed.


Dec. 9th, 2007 09:46 am
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Upcoming show flyer!

I actually wasn't sure about the front of the flyer at first. You see, when Daish sent us all the files to look at the front was in a color scale unsupported by my what I saw was this trippy photo-negative of the cover. All blues , greens, and glowing white pupils. It was cool, but pretty fucking creepy looking. It was only when I tried uploading it to photobucket and saw something was odd about the file that I  converted it in photoshop and I could see that we weren't all oooooookie looking.

That's me on the back, because if you cram us all on the front it gets sort of overwhelming. I sort of wish Eshe was on the back too, just because there's still some room there. I want to see more of her because I KNOW what a draw she is for our audience. She's got a very loyal following.  It looks  a little like she's snuck into the Harrisa trio shot and Anaan's looking down at her with a sort of "Weeeeellll, what do we have here?" look and Henna's sort of smirking about the whole affair...but that's probably just because I am too quick to make up stories about stuff.

Other than that, smashing!
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Charlie's been posting clips.

I know, Many of you want to see more of the whole body and less zooming in. Me too!! In Charlie's defense, that space is SMALL and he was right near the stage.

This is Mika. I want to see more of her face because she's got such an expressive face. She's not one of the classmates who needs to work on bringing the dance up above the neck or looking like she's having fun. She comes from a hula backgroung and some years in Hawaii in her youth.

I think with more performance opportunities and guidance over the next year she's going to become a really lovely ( and refreshing!) dancer. I also want her to teather her hip scarf down so we don't loose her waist. She's got such a nice hourglass figure when you can see it. I talked more with Mika about doing a duet together in the future. I'm tentatively thinking an unchoreographed turkish-rom duet for a future Mother-Earth Cabaret.

Next we have Anaan and the start of the Ozma fashion show.

Anaan is wearing a halter top crafted by me. That there belt was made about 3 years ago and is the first annual birthday presents of "I'll make you whatever sort of belt you want from the Tempest Corset Pattern." Note her heavy bangles of justice.

Behold the next entry in the Ozma fashion show...Ozma! Between you and me, I really need to put another drum solo back in rotation. ..but my make-up is getting better all the time.

And the last entry in the fashion show is Farasha in her new Ozma Bedlah!
Yeah, I want to see more of Farasha's amazing face. She's a trouper. She had another event earlier in the evening and still was full power.
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Last night was wonderful.... More on that after a day or two of naps.

But, I would like to warn you:

If you find youself alone in a room, exhausted from a good performance but suddenly realizing that you haven't eaten...don't steal Anaan's last tea-cookie. In fact it's best never to steal Anaan's cookies (which she may or may not call buiscuits...) regardless of the situation.

If you must steal one, do so covertly. Do not sing a little "I'm gonna steal your last cooookie" song.

She won't think twice about turning and thunking you on your head with of one her bracelets.

Anaan is a tribal / tribal fusion dancer.

Those bracelets are serious.

Let's review our case files from last February.

The upper arm one with the knobs? Bloody hurts, it does.

Leaves a bump.

And I'm the mean one.

I just count myself luck that she'd removed her quills. Those buggers are sharp. Between me and her last cookie I would have been rightly shivved.

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I'm packing my dance bag for tonight.

Well, burning all of our sets, double checking them, and then finishing the packing.

Tonight is a world-music thing at a gallery/art-space in Shibuya. Unlike last weekend, I shall be above ground and dry!* Reports say that there is only a 5% chance of huddled wet hobbits! ** I'll be there first to represent at 3pm and do sound check, get the lay of the land.

Then I'll be meeting Eshe at the station (and Henna to give her her new costume) and Suiren will be joining us later. It looks to be a fun event with many live ME and ME fusion-music groups and chances to just jam/dance live. I've told them to pack an extra darbuka so that Suiren can get in on the drum action at the end of the night.

I don't have to pack my whole small suitcase on wheels (suitable for packing for a busy dance night or a week in Mexico), tonight it's just the bag. We're getting earthy-casual with our Melodia pants (paired with tribal bras, twist tops or corset belts depending on which of us is dancing) so that we can hang-out between sets and just dance. Not only do I enjoy the simplicity of Melodia nights, they also help me justify buying the damned things when I am decidedly not tribal.***

Suiren is packing her cane, so there will be some assaya and then she's doing a song from Turku. I'll be all Balkan beatbox, Besh O Drom, and Djinn, and Eshe will be Djinn and transition us to cabaret (one of her 7 minute drum solos...and she's fucking good at drum solos so it doesn't drag. Eshe kicks major ass in drum solos. I hate watching belabored drum-solos that go on-and-on. They make me sleepy. I like watching Eshe.

*Quick thanks to divarenee I have ordered the Aruba Sandals. I will be prepared for my next cave gig.

**I think for the next cave gig for raver-types I need to buy this  and rig it with little blinky lights so that I'm a Light-Brite in action.

***...I bought the Assuit ones....I couldn't help it...they are on their way. A Pink Cow show should justify that purchase.
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Why was it Hot Yoga Elves for the win?

They showed up in mass...although Hot Yoga Elves don't have a great deal of mass in general.
They showed up BEFORE the doors opened, this not being too cool to come on time/too cool to see the first set.
They showed up. Period.

Figuratively, things caught on fire at Amazon.
The photographer? Late. Missed the first and last set.
Video Taping, didn't happen.
No tattoo artists or baristas.
A slated interview didn't happen.

But the crowd was primarily non-belly-dance, which is always fun. We seemed to be up against another large belly dance event but we filled the place and pulled in good numbers. We even pulled in two very earnest American boys sporting hipster glasses who walked in off the street and had a blast and were very respectful and happy to meet us.  They were so sweet.

With none of my boys I was still taken care of by the ever flirtatious and touchy Elfin Dj Ashima, who is always a treat to flirt and banter with. You know how I am about Dj's in my weight/height/age class: If you like music and I think I might be able to take you in a fair fight...yeah.

As you can see by Daish's photo-gallery, he cuddles up to everything: gender/pulse/species be damned.

The show went really well, and it was an amazing blend of non-traditional stuff ( and borderline scandalous stuff at moments)  everyone has been secretly wanting to do AND the traditional stuff to back it up. Henna's jazz solo with a live saxophone was stunning. Her father is a jazz player, and we sometimes joke about late night practice sessions, sitting at bars sipping cokes while our daddies played...but I assure you that, in my case, a dance and banjo solo would not have been half as cool.  Her saxophone playing friend was  moved by the whole night of dancers, to the point she said it might be life changing and she'd have to go home and think about it all. This goes above and beyond what we want to give an audience member.

I don't quite know what to say about my own performances. I feel good in general I think I need to tweak technique a little bit and not coast as much on attitude.

I received ample praise and a good deal of noise and clapping from a non-dance oriented audience. Former classmates who'd mostly known me doing cabaret/oriental were complementary of what they called me "going more Gypsy"... I'm getting a lot of "Gypsy style just seems natural on you" comments even when Turkish Rom isn't what I'm going for. I'm getting it when the music isn't necessarily folk/turkish/rom, when there are no hand gestures. I frankly think that most of the time my style is closer to my image of old-school American Cabaret. I don't always know what to make of such comments. I am influenced by what I know of Turkish-Rom, but I also think that much of what people are reading as "Gypsy"  and "Folk" isn't and comes from misinformation of the style and culture. Or maybe they just don't know how else to categorize my huge attitude.

Big thanks go out to [profile] counterword. Without his mention of Besh O Dromo I would not have fallen in love with the Can't Make Me album and used the first song for my all-out Cab-fab coins and attitude performance. Check them out.

Now I have to pull together a 20+ minute Cabaret/oriental set for next Sunday night's Mother Earth Cabaret in Harajuku.

The Art Event that was canceled has been rescheduled for July, so my duet costume sewing and rose bending will not be for nothing.
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Our interview came out today (in English and Japanese):

An apology in advance for the length of this post, I still cannot access lj
at work and thus must post via email, unable to lj-cut.

(got home, fixed)


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