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When work is slow tomorrow, I will go into detail about thoughts on TNF and how I love working with a live band.

Until then a few images for ya'll.
Charlie K came and shot our first set, but couldn't stay for the live set. Irena (sp? I think she's Israeli. My lack of knowing how to spell her name is because she is known to me from the Alegra days and Alegra totally mangled her name.) also had her monster cam and was shooting away for both sets  and will get a hold of me later. Charlie sent me sneak links to the pictures so I am passing the joy onto you.

I didn't snag an Anaan picture, because she's the most self-conscious of us and I really should ask her first before posting...besides, most of you know what she looks like and those of you who have girl-crushes on her can sort through past postings.

And, yeah yeah, again with the pinstripes.

I love this one, not for how I look...but for how happy the woman behind me is as she watches me.
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Charlie's been posting clips.

I know, Many of you want to see more of the whole body and less zooming in. Me too!! In Charlie's defense, that space is SMALL and he was right near the stage.

This is Mika. I want to see more of her face because she's got such an expressive face. She's not one of the classmates who needs to work on bringing the dance up above the neck or looking like she's having fun. She comes from a hula backgroung and some years in Hawaii in her youth.

I think with more performance opportunities and guidance over the next year she's going to become a really lovely ( and refreshing!) dancer. I also want her to teather her hip scarf down so we don't loose her waist. She's got such a nice hourglass figure when you can see it. I talked more with Mika about doing a duet together in the future. I'm tentatively thinking an unchoreographed turkish-rom duet for a future Mother-Earth Cabaret.

Next we have Anaan and the start of the Ozma fashion show.

Anaan is wearing a halter top crafted by me. That there belt was made about 3 years ago and is the first annual birthday presents of "I'll make you whatever sort of belt you want from the Tempest Corset Pattern." Note her heavy bangles of justice.

Behold the next entry in the Ozma fashion show...Ozma! Between you and me, I really need to put another drum solo back in rotation. ..but my make-up is getting better all the time.

And the last entry in the fashion show is Farasha in her new Ozma Bedlah!
Yeah, I want to see more of Farasha's amazing face. She's a trouper. She had another event earlier in the evening and still was full power.
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Last night was wonderful.... More on that after a day or two of naps.

But, I would like to warn you:

If you find youself alone in a room, exhausted from a good performance but suddenly realizing that you haven't eaten...don't steal Anaan's last tea-cookie. In fact it's best never to steal Anaan's cookies (which she may or may not call buiscuits...) regardless of the situation.

If you must steal one, do so covertly. Do not sing a little "I'm gonna steal your last cooookie" song.

She won't think twice about turning and thunking you on your head with of one her bracelets.

Anaan is a tribal / tribal fusion dancer.

Those bracelets are serious.

Let's review our case files from last February.

The upper arm one with the knobs? Bloody hurts, it does.

Leaves a bump.

And I'm the mean one.

I just count myself luck that she'd removed her quills. Those buggers are sharp. Between me and her last cookie I would have been rightly shivved.

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Next month I'll be one of the two guest dancer's at Anaan's now monthly Danse Nocturne in Asagaya. It's billed as A Night of Tribal and Dark Cabaret.

Years ago, when Anaan and I thought our styles were probably going to transition from Half-assed-Egyptian-taught-by-a-crazy-lady into Gothic bellydance. Our ideas about gothic belly dance were based on images we'd seen, but this was before You Tube and before any Gothic DVD's had really been released, and far before we had  any real ideas on delineations of style...deciding your dance preferences based on still photos and descriptions is like being one of the proverbial blind men groping an elephant. At that time Anaan found this little bar with an upstairs and a stage... She was excited about it being the perfect little place for tiny little "darker" events and we thought about sword duets and such.

3 years later and our predictions were a little off. Anaan transitioned to Tribal with soloist leanings and I've got my Oriental with turkish-rom leanings...but she got the space and started having events a few months ago. I'll be doing my art show there.

We're finally gonna do it.

Contemplating what sort of costume I'd want for the first set I've decided to go with Cabaret...ala Fosse. Long-time readers and friends will perhaps know that I have a bit of a Cabaret (the film and all) fetish.

The music will be more brassy Hungarian/Balkan/and even some klezmer fusion (Balkan Beat Box, Golem, Slavic Soul Party...)

I'm working on a clean pinstripe corset belt, halter top, choker, and arm bands to go with my black ruffled melodias. The jury is out on if I'll search for a sexy bowler hat.

First step...the halter.
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Anaan and I, backstage at our first troupe performance in 2004.

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In a few months or so Farasha, Anaan and Henna will be doing another Tribal Fusion Night at Cosmos.

Last time they presented three stages of dance, including live music and the vocals of Momo...and I was helper elf.

You know what help elf has learned over the last few months? Dancers are generally overwhelmed by small acts of kindness and organization. Little things, like bottled water with names written on them so no one wastes time looking for the right refreshment between sets, gets you disproportionate amounts of love. When I do this for The Afet Collective they remember, when I did it for Momo I got one of her grandly translated emails of thanks. This in general is tied to the whole problem of getting respect, kindness, and monetary compensation when you're an artist. Water with your name on it shouldn't be a biggy.

So, our brave trio are starting to prep for the next Tribal Fusion Night and part of prep for the trio involves costume ideas. Anaan, she's an idea girl in this respect (which is why I enjoy making the occasional item for her birthday) but she's not yet a full fledged execution of ideas in fabric in a timely manner girl. Last time she made the trio some good belts, but there had been more planned. I'm told there was an aborted attempt to cover bras...Of the three Anaan is the strongest in sewing skills and arguably has the most time. If Anaan can't do it, they others can't either.

They all agreed that there must be an easier way to do this: it involves flattering me until I accept a commission.

I've thus far poo-pooed anyone looking to commission me for costumes. It's not because I want to deprive the local community of my skill, but most of what I make is too time intensive to price in a manner that if fair to me and within reason, and because I am primarily good at making things that buying supplies at retail prices.

I've been getting over that. My tribaret bra and belt in progress has shown me that that sort of items I COULD produce in a timely and cost effective manner. The tribaret, in fact, exists to test my abilities.

So, Anaan...the only local dancer to own two Ozma originals, wrote me:

Me, Henna and Farasha love the halter top you made and we were wondering of
you'd be interested in making some for us? Of course we would pay you
whatever you asked and we don't expect buddy discounts :-)

It's just that none of us can sew that well and we'd rather spend more money
on something that's been well made by a real artist. We'd also like to
support a very talented, up and coming costumer :-) Have I flattered you
enough yet??? :-P

And really, what artist doesn't like to hear the words "We would pay you whatever you asked."

I gave a tentative yes and asked for more details, like what fabric and treatments. If I'm pounding grommets and hand embroidering edges, the price goes up after all.I trolled around on-line to see the going rate for such costume (mostly handmade) and also checked the generally over-priced local tribal suppliers. Basic, no embellishments. Anaan sent me a fabric swatch
(fabric, from the aborted bras).

Anid it gave me pause. It is stretchy with the sort of easy to melt shimmering top-coating of black on black sheen. The fabric I made my halter out of has NO stretch, as very sturdy, I can iron the hell out of. I consulted my Vogue sewing guide, which is horribly out of date but useful, and did some futzing.

And yesterday, after much thinking and a trip to the fabric store, I figured out how to do it. Anaan and Henna are in my size range (I've bought bedlah from both of them...) so I modified my original pattern and made one figuring it would fit one of them. I plunked in a DVD, from the collection, and got to work.

It's pretty fucking sexy. I'll post pictures later, but keep in mind this is urban-tribal and it'll look less sexy-naked with the addition of accessories.

( keep in mind the hooks aren't actually in it yet, so it's being held at the back with big clips, which makes the rib cage strap look more wonky than it should.)

I brought it out with me last night, where I'd be meeting Henna for pre-Meera show coffee and chat and seeing Farasha after she danced (opening for Meera and being a back-up dancer).

They were overjoyed by the product. People who don't sew or craft either have no clue what effort goes into making something, or they have tried and failed and thus have amazing respect for the simplest details. Henna, Farasha and Anaan, respect mon.

"This is so much nicer than anything we could have made!'s lined!" said Henna, and I smiled...while also repressing images of what a sweaty-nipfest-of-dangerous-potential any attempt to make an unlined hand stitched halter in the fabric would have been.

Anaan's should fit much like Henna's does. My last challenge will be Farasha. She's tiny, so I'll be slightly scaling down the rib-cage band to keep her costume proportions looking clean and making some modifications so that she doesn't need to stuff the halter. She brought me a halter top she's used before to help me with the reductions.

So, I guess I am somewhat open for buisness.

I am the bestest helper elf.
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The lenght of the ties and such will be changed and cleaned up when Anaan wears it. The lacing looks bright white in the photos but it is off white and this will be worn over off-white silk tribal harem pants.

Custom made belt (a birthday gift based on her design ideas) for Anaan


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