May. 6th, 2012 08:50 pm
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The trash Jawas unlocked the trash after dark tonight.
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The Trash Jawas still have the trash area on lockdown.

The Trash Jawas are the elderly women who are picking through the trash every morning around 6 AM to make sure you are not throwing out the wrong item on the wrong day.

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Today I said goodbye to my old fridge. I'd bought it during my second move in Japan, the worst one where I was too broke to move. I had to buy a new-to-me washing machine and fridge and went with whichever two I could buy for around 300$ total.

Exciting kitchen shots! )
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Hey...there was another room in my apartment. It's almost ready for showtime!

It is my goal, although I may overlook it, to have the apartment well turned out on Sunday and to take copious photos for saucy dwellings...but I might not.Spartanish...but no longer an effing mess. )
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I am conserving energy by not moving. I am reading up on eco-ways to keep cool but there’s nothing new.


The air conditioning has just come on at work.


I drink around 700ml of chilled roobios tea each morning on my walk to the station.


I am still without an air conditioner at home but so far fans and the natural (and strong) breezes of my area are cutting it at home. It’s quite comfortable.


Air conditioners, and the installation, are pricy. I will be looking into “recycle shops” for a cheap one, as I suspect it will get hotter and I will eventually crack.


The good news is that paint dries quickly, as I am still painting furniture and decorating…the craft room is still a mess, but Ikea delivers more bookshelves this Saturday. I like to believe my place is almost all set up…the bedroom is almost there.

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In progress...20$ dollar scratched up kitchen-cart/table.Making it cuter )
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I went to the big dance gala by Al Caminari ...there was some mysterious stuff and, like in previous years, that magician. I also lost my iPhone (I got it back after much panic and talking.) got rained on while flyering the crowd after the show and am utterly exhausted.

I didn't realize how big the Aneboda is. The delivery men from the used furniture store brought it (and a small kitchen cart/table combo)  today and had to take apart a little of the door to get it in here. It's worth it because...well...I have a fuckload of clothing and I need to be able to have room to hang dresses.I moved stuff. )
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It's recycles day! I can take out the 36 boxes I have unpacked so far.
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Let's give thanks to Kazu once more.

This Wednesday he'll be helping me take my range top to a recycle shop. The move means that I change gas types ( from city gas to propane) and I had to buy a new two-burner range top and grilly thing...and my current one is good (and I've cleaned it) but schelping it for 15 minutes to the recycle shop by myself would mean a fairly sore back and arms.

Thursday night I have a dance rehearsal in Tokyo and Friday evening is the night I have to go get the new keys and go with my agent to watch the guys putting in the Hikari/Flets fiber optic lines and such in the new place...so Wednesday night it is. I'll have to cook my next few meals in advance (tomorrow) and nuke them and make my coffee at work if I'm to be a few mornings and nights without a range top.

It's not totally one-sided. It's not like I don't help Kazu...He moved back here last weekend and tonight he text messaged me with the desperate question of where he can order Arm and Hammer Fresh n' Soft Classic Scented fabric softener sheets. I won't need your help on this one because I located some Japan based on-line shops where Kazu has now placed orders so his clothing can smell as lovely as he likes them to smell...and then I asked him for help with the range...and perhaps I questioned his masculinity.

The Packing tour:packing tour. )

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I packed craft stuff...it's getting real. The rooms are starting to look like things are gone.
My three rooms )
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There is no longer anything drying in my kitchen! YAAAAAY!

My desk is drying in my bedroom now.

The desk journey:
Desk I bought (sight unseen) 9 years ago. Ok.

Desk take 2 and 3. )

my choices

Jul. 5th, 2010 03:15 pm
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The anger has left me.


I’m 12 days away from moving and I am ready for it. Japanese apartments aren’t built to last and now I can look at the signs of entropy and say “soon, you will be someone else’s problem.” Old tatami mats worn near bare in the area I dance. Goodbye. Water stain-like marks on my walls from humidity, you will no longer embarrass me in costume photos. Worn out flooring that is bubbled in areas…so long.


This morning, after I watered my herbs, I saw Eduardo decked out in his construction wear walking with what I assume to be his girlfriend to her car and I felt no temptation to flip him off or call him a dumb motherfucker with shitty luck…which is a long way from wanting to greet him with a baseball ball or debating pouring a cup of urine into his full mailbox.


My boss talked to Mrs. N a few days ago and asked her if I’d found a place and explained how sorry he was that he couldn’t sign due to family pressure. He does feel very guilty about this whole clusterfuck. He did express some concern about why I seemed unwilling to go with the limited options that a signing company would have provided me with…he’ll never get that. I don’t think the guys at work really get that there’s a limit to the limits one can take. After I’d been targeted as a single female to harass and try to get sexed-up by in the middle of the night and then been urged by police to move lest I be vicitimized in the future I agreed to move so that I could return to having control over my own world/home. My bosses seem to think I am moving for my safety but I am moving for my sanity. I am moving so my place can be my place again. That sort of reason requires that I have a wide array of options and as much access to those options as possible


Ultimately, they didn’t understand what sort of choices I was considering. They thought “if she can’t get this place, she can get another through a signing company” but I was thinking “if I can’t get this place, I can abandon ship and hide in Taiwan for 3 months on a visitor visa and write.”


The anger is gone, but I am still out of step with my usual routines. My dance practice is iffy at best, I haven’t been into Tokyo outside of gigs for a while, my social life has died, and I haven’t had time to costume. I look forward to my new place and regaining my relative autonomy.



Jul. 4th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Well, it's the 4th. I've long since stopped knowing what to say about the 4th.

I'm not out on the base celebrating, that's for sure.

I wrestled with the last upholstery project. For the rest of today am no longer speaking to my sewing machine or my serger but I got it done.

Front room last night:

Both chairs now covered:
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For a few hours yesterday my rooms were reasonably clean.  They aren't anymore...but I took a photo of when they were.

There is no longer anything under my bed...no lurking stash.

I estimate that I have one surface left to decoupage the hell out of and one more chair to make a cover for..then I can tackle smaller fabric scraps (pillow covers and such...maybe more of the crazy quilt) and hopefully return to the world of costumes. I'll have some projects when I move (getting a kitchen table, making curtains for the kitchen once I know window dimentions, a bedroom mirror...) but I'm getting to the point where I can finish rehabbing and return to packing.

I've gotten over much of my phone fears by contacting my utilities and switching them over by myself, last time Komatsu Sensei did it all for me. Gas, Water, Electric, mail and phone are taken care of! I'm changing internet services but I found an English help line for that. I also know my own address now (I wasn't sure on how to read 大谷口 but a teacher double checked and it's Ooyaguchi) and after many recitations fo it over the phone, I know it all by heart and can write it in my sleep.

I dance this Friday and wonder if I am up for it, I feel like this has all taken a toll on my body and practice. Paradoxically, I wish I were being booked solid right now as it would be nice, financially, and give me a reason to focus on my practice more.

I'm somewhat in cheap eats mode, but nothing unhealthy. As I type I have chickpeas a boiling and will soon throw together some gazpatchos for lunchtime. My next apartment is going to be fairly close to multiple tiny farms and produce stands.
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Today I went to Immigration to finalize my visa extension (another 3 years) and my unlimited re-entry permit. After paying for that, some bills, and 47,000 painfull yen in the start of this year's pension fund gouging I headed home for more crafting on my "going to immigration" day off.

I'm starting to see the end in sight...when I move I'll have to make a few sets of curtains and look into getting a kitchen table, and before I move I need a new-to-me rangetop (propane, but city gas like I have now) and probably a new-to-me microwave. 

I think I am nearly done with the craft/furniture frenzy. I have two projects to finish and one more seat to cover and I'm done.
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No one should go to an Ikea three time in 24 hours. It does something to your soul.

I do have more stuff corralled into bins.

I have a drapery system that has, in the past, hidden the crap under this table...which used to be in a bunch of different shaped cloth/wicker/whatever containers...and bags...and such....In the new place I hope that all of those plastic bins, above and below table, can go in the "from the waist up" raised closet in the tatami/craft room.Progress and fabric )
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Right now the process of packing and organizing is like I've been given the world's shittiest nesting doll; I remove clutter and crap only to find there is more clutter and crap contained beyond what I saw.

I've been making trips to Ikea for clear containers for my stash. I figure now that I have more closets, I can use clear containers to keep track of what I have in process and in supplies. In order to take the containers I previously had stuff in (and on and flowing out off) and transfer the stuff to new container there is the part of the process where everything seemingly explodes and expands to fill rooms. Packing and getting rid of stuff in my bedroom has created similar chaos.

Yesterday afternoon Mr. S, my police officer, called for an update. I told him I'm fine and that I am moving...but, shit, I could call him back and scream "OMG, Mobsters tossed the joint!" and if he scurried over he'd find a mess that looks like craft mobsters had unraveled the place.

And I haven't even touched the yarn stash.Photos )


Jun. 21st, 2010 11:52 am
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I have paid for my first half a month's rent, first month's rent, rental agent fee, one-time huge-ass cleaning and restoration fee, fumigation fee, and insurance fee.



I also managed to, by myself, call the rental agent and double check the total price I needed to transfer because, by my calculations, it would be smaller than first estimated because we'd brought the monthly rent down 3,000 a month...I was right. The difference was only about 6,000 yen but it ads up!
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My apartment goods are getting revamped.

I fished this out of the trash a while back. For years I've just thrown different silk scarfs over it and used it as an end table. Over the last few days I've given it a makeover. I've ended up with something that is 70s kitchy...but if I grow tired of it I can always throw a silk scarf over it.
70's kitchen colors ahead. )


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