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Sep. 13th, 2012 10:23 am
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I recently posted a FB comment to the effect of "I can't remember a time that I wasn't compulsively making things." My mother replied, "There's a reason for that."

I make things, with my hands and my words. I always have. High school is easier to recollect. By that point I was: painting people's clothing, painting my own, making wire sculptures, painting, drawing and making jewelry in Art Metal class (lost wax casting/soldiering)..and doing theater.

I was going to start this post with "It's shaping up to be a busy dance month...." but, it's been a bloody long time since it was not a busy dance month and I am greatful.

I am a little frazzled, but each busy month helps me do what I do more effenciently.

I'm trying to retrain my body to allow me to work-out or do yoga/stretching in the morning. I'm into my second week...it goes slow but I figure getting the pattern into me, the coffee-needy not-so-morning gal, will take time. I'm starting with shorter yoga and stretching programs before I decide to toss anything hard into the morning try..

I've gotten through a show featuring two duets with Hiromi. I've now got a better feel for how we work (and don't work) as a team and what division of labor makes sense. I am, oddly enough, the one who can memorize, refresh-myself on, and re-teach duet choreographies better. She's better at organizing the events themselves.

At the end of this month 9/30  we'll have another, free to the local public, show of students and teachers outside of Matsudo station. So each week, now that the duets are over, I am focusing on rehearsing my "Oriental class" "Turkish Roma class"  students in the choreographies they know (in extra rehearsal time, because I don't want new students to have to speed through unfamiliar choreos) and organizing our costumes (simple! SIMPLE! SIMPLE!)...and refreshing myself for dancing live again with a well known Saz player.

Because that OBVIOUSLY isn't enough. It looks like that day will not only contain 2 stages of music, but then I'll hop on a train, head an hour and a half away, and do two stages with Alan and his bass player at a restaurant party.

October will have a similar student event and Megu, from up north, is putting me in touch with a Tokyo dancer who needs a guest dancer for her halfa. November will involve workshops up north.

So,today's workday at the day job is light, so I've had time to do some hand sewing, review and type up the veil choreography notes(Elisa Gamal's choreo to be precise. I learned it at RAKS. I'm teaching it to my Oriental Class and crediting the hell out of her. I figure that she's not a dancer local students would get the chance to learn from otherwise and I really liked the amount of balance in the choreo. It's not too busy but has a few veil tricks worth drilling and space around those tricks to let them breathe and have impact) and catch up on my emails. After I teach special needs students I'll get to work on tonight's zill combination, as tonight is my 3 class evening. 


Aug. 31st, 2012 10:25 pm
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I miss Reyhan.

I'll write about Istanbul, soon, i've just had to catch-up with some real-life dance and work stuff.

Tonight I was working on a new Roma Style class choreography…and making sense of my Reyhan-lesson notes. A lot of footwork notes…a lot.

This month's choreo will be less emotionally intense than Anako. I found a version of Limoncu I want to use and, well, that's basically about drinking and fun times.

In Istanbul I studied with Reyhan five times, the first two times with Mekyria.

The second to last time with Reyhan got a bit emotional. When the call to prayer started, we'd sit for a bit and quietly reflect. After it stopped that day, Reyhan started to complement me…a lot. More than I could handle. She told me how she thought I really understood the dance, and how happy she was to watch me dance, and how beautiful I am…and more. I started getting overwhelmed and tearing up. That was when Reyhan also started getting tears and just came over and hugged me and talked at me, quickly, In Turkish words I couldn't understand…except güzel .

Photos )


Aug. 31st, 2012 09:21 pm
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Here's me dancing. I won't say anything else. I have my feelings about it.
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I bought creme-peach colored fanveils...because my new costume told me to. I guess I need to learn fan veils now. At least I already bought Mahasti's first van veil dvd a while back!

Oh, and have I not shown you the AWESOMENESS of the Bella costume that totally made me buy it in istanbul?

Replyhazy dubbed it Poison Ivy )
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I've just come back from  the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition and the Gala show afterwards

I have much to write about (Eshe, your students were joyous) and, yes, Ranya Renee is OMFGood. But before I stop believe in it, I need to write about Nicole's group.

Drag Queens could take lessons from Nicole in presentation and showman ship.

Nicole is a local, Japanese, fucking POWERHOUSE of dance/dance productions. I wish it were easier to find youtubes of her. And when she puts together something for for stage featuring herself AND her female troupe AND the men"s troupe of her studio (EG'ZILE go head…youtube them for a second…her husband is one of them) she puts on a motherfucking SHOW. At first I thought to describe it as Cirque-like but I think it's more "Bellydance meets the SYTCD top 10 dancers opening number."

I am pretty sure I just saw:

Devils (as played by the men of EG'ZILE) rise from hell, swatting in their tight leather and gold outfits with red silk veils wrapped like blood around them. Then, White Bellydancing Angels, with fan veils, came into to do battle with them. Much battle ensued, some racy, with much drama….OH THE DRAHMA...and then ALL THE VEILS! …and suddenly the devils have fan veils, the angels have red veils…i have no fucking idea that that means (maybe the duality of man, that Jungian thing) there is much commotion as the music rises to a crescendo and then breaks!

and….I shit you not…

The teaming masses part as  Nicole -  like Jesus Christ (in white draped with veils) - is lifted up, her arms outstretched, AND ASCENDS TO HEAVEN.

And that should be WTF bellydance…but it was pretty awesome.

I love that woman.

I laughed my ass off....but I was saying LUV HUH! while I did it.
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In the continuing game of "where do you put the dancer?" I present a photo from last night's venue, Shiva in Shimokitazawa.


And yet, at one point there were three quirky modern dancers being...things...in a great way.

more pictures and blather. )
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Disclosure: I love Artemis Mourat.

I took my first workshops with Artemis in early 2007 shortly after falling in love with Turkish style in late 2006 (Thank you, Ahmet Luleci! Thanks, Sema!) I was hungry for more information on the style. Her workshops were down in Osaka, she didn’t make it up to Tokyo that time, so I reserved my place and booked a hotel room and bullet-train tickets for three-day of workshops. It was a large sum for me. I was shy and knew no one in the classes. It was worth it. I still have the carefully re-written notes from those classes.

Artie weekend round-up )

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I can't explain why…not without sounding pompous or unfocused or mystical…but I think it was a VERY IMPORTANT SHOW for me and my dance life here.

I'm rather tired. Hannah put me up for the night in Yokohama so I wouldn't have to go home after the workshops and show and return ass-early for three more workshops the next morning. So I will not write about much else tonight, but I should have time at city hall tomorrow.

Below is a lovable shot of me and Artie enjoying my skirt at a workshop...out of our make-up and glam. Some folks got pictures of, when we took after-show pictures on the stage with all the performers in our full regalia, when Artie bear hugged me right off the floor....I hope they SHARE!!

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I gotta say, Hiromi knows how to cheer me on.

I got the following texts all at once today..with the pictures.
Matsudo Star )
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A bunch of photos of us being silly.
Photoz! )


May. 5th, 2012 09:41 am
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Last night I was compared to Cher. I didn't see that one coming. I'm no Chad Michaels.

It was a strange complement, as it seemed to be a complement about the ethnic-malleability of my facial features.

I do have facial feature that seem to adjust widely to a range of hairstyles, hair-colors, and make-up styles. I don't just look like an unmistakable face in a variety of different hair situations...I look different enough from look to look that double-takes are not unknown to me.

Still, I don't think it's a case of me looking "X" ethnicity if I want to. Like-Cher woman was insisting on my ability to look Turkish or Middle-Eastern...which I think reflects what she wanted to see and the GINORMOUS range of facial-types within those very broad categories and not any ethno-transmogrifying on my part.

But, I knew she meant it as a complement. You don't start a conversation about how Cher played up a very small amount of Cherokee in her family tree to get out of backlash from the whole half-breed thang when she should have just said "opps, my bad" and backed away from that set of Bob Macki feather dresses when you're talking to an intoxicated, intense, bi-lingual woman who just wants to complement you.

Also, I had just read this on racialious: http://www.racialicious.com/2012/05/02/lies-damned-lies-and-the-complicated-accounting-of-identity-counterpoint/#more-22406
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Hiromi of Eva Bellydance Studio came over today with coffee and I made cookies. She came over and we had a nice long talk. She's a strong-willed lady and needs another similar friend who she can be vulnerable and unsure with over drinks/coffee/snacks.

Hiromi has also become more poppy aware since I joined the studio. She's found poppies in her original artwork sign for the studio (predating me) and takes it as a sign we were meant to work together. Today sent me iPhone pictures of poppies in bloom.

But, more than the signs of poppies pointing at destiny.... there are the studio blog pictures of students posing after taking a workshop with NaoNao, another instructor, last weekend:


Picture like this tell me I am a place where my quirky fits in.


May. 1st, 2012 03:00 pm
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And here is the second video from the Yael Zarca show. The occasional hand to eye (stage left eye) at the start would be because for half the song I had something under my hard contact and I am wiping away tears.


May. 1st, 2012 12:13 pm
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Man, I have very very very mixed feelings about the video I got from my two songs at the Yael Zarca show. Still...I'm prepping them for Youtube so I can share and we can talk.

I've picked up a new nasty habit that I think comes from teaching. My face is being crazy. It's taken on a "trying not to talk" kinda crazy movement that I think is coming from the amount I talk (in more than one language) while teaching combinations and choreos. Gotta work on that. It's new. I saw it in combination videos I made for zills but thought it was a looking at myself while filming...but, nope,  I do it when dancing now. (sigh).

I have a turn-signal wrist returning.

I am liking my arms and floorpatterns but I am falling into old habits of truncating movements in the tazsim section. I need to relax, go bigger, go slower, slow down my arms, and complete movements.

Song 1: Turkish style to Siseler.

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Here are more shots from the Yael Zarca show. These are from my Turkish Roma-inspired performance;

Photoes! )
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I will be updating my webpage and FB page as I have more promotional images but these things sell out quickly so I thought I'd give blog readers a heads up.

I have been added to the line-up of an amazing show.

June 9th (Saturday) at Thumbs Up in Yokohama(サムズ・アップ) 横浜
THE one and only Artemis Mourat  performing to the live music of Japan's own Alladeen!
Other fine fine dancers: Izumi , Luna , Ozma,  ACALI (IzumiStudio) , Kumi (BarisOriental)
Open 18:00 Start 19:30
Charge 3,500yen
Please call the venue to make reservations

And DO totally sign up for Artie's workshops. She is one of my biggest influences and I wanna be her when I grow up!
Workshop info is here: http://izumiorientaldance.com/ws/2012/artemis/
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The best news is that I have tomorrow and Tuesday off. Tomorrow has to be a two-hour-Thai-massage-getting day. That delayed muscle soreness you get from changing your routine and pushing harder? It's not delayed anymore.


And not in the way I'd like Bob Harper to "do" things to me. This is the result of Bob's one-hour Ultimate Cardio Body DVD. A DVD in which you get to watch one of the back-up instructors (a 6'2" sporty guy) start saying "I can't....I can't..." and everyone is drenched in sweat at the end.

The soreness hit last night, enough that I woke up at 3AM and foam roller-ed my muscles until I could sleep again.

The day started well. I had a delicious breakfast, got local produce and made myself a lovely lunch...plus pastry.

Daikon salad with a ginger sauce topped with peanuts! Orange-Beet soup! Spelt penne with zuchinni/brocolli rabe/ green peas/ pine nuts/ dried tomatoes/garlic (yes...the what's left in the fridge pasta)...and dessert! WOOT, I say, WOOT.

Then to Matsudo for day two of trying to perform. Things were delayed an hour...so we had to entertain ourselves by dancing in the street while a band played...and old men took pictures.

A few of my pictures...too few, really. )

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And I meant to say "Drum rhythms, like dancers, rarely appear with just their foundation on." I also forgot to mention that it's because of the fact that drum rhythms are usually all glittered up like our faces, they can be difficult to quickly identify.

Rained out

Mar. 31st, 2012 07:13 pm
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Today's student show was rained and winded out. When we got into the tent to fully change was when the winds got up to 36mph and the thunderstorm hit. It's been a long day. We've got a slot tomorrow but one of my students can't dance the Rompi Rompi along with me...but I have pictures!
Lots of pictures! )


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