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I am speed posting these,  gotta head to lessons soon.

Gotta run!

The Sexy

May. 21st, 2007 07:37 pm
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I'm doing all my costume checks for this Saturday's Afet Collective Event.  I'm getting them out of the way.

My fringed brown melodia pants came today, they look amazon-smashingly good and will be worn for the 3rd set ( the final drum and zill circle with Eshe duet and Romani-music solo).

Durring the second set I will be helper elf...

...and for first set I will be SMOKING HOT!

I finished figuring out my issues with the belly drape on my coin bra. Very happy. I also bought a used skirt on Bhuz which goes even better with the coins. It is rust-brown colored silk and came to about 20$ total (including shipping).  For jewelry I've been modifying a cheap "bollywood jewelry set" I picked up in Thailand a few years ago.  Thus far I've put the necklace on a real jewelry chain instead of cheap cord, turned one hair decoration into a bracelet. I tested the earrings  tonight and as is they threaten to rip my lobes off if I toss my hair. I'll be making them lighter and turning the excess into another bracelet when I finish posting.

And, my god, is it loud. I've been practicing with the belt on to get used to the weight. I'd guess the costume to be almost 6 pounds or just short of 3 kilos.

If this costume, combined with sexy hair and make-up doesn't get me a photoshoot,  then I don't know what will. It is the sexy.

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Coin costume finished (except for lining the cup...and maybe a minor chain adjustment.)

Coin Bra

Apr. 27th, 2007 11:08 pm
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The belt and bra are almost finished. I need to add some jump rings and go buy some hooks so I can have the attatchable-detachable belly-drape option and I need to line the cups. I'm going to be working a while longer with the needle nose pliars so that the belly drap isn't too heavy and low. Everything else is lined, hooked, and snapped.

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Because of how gravity works, the picture doesn't do the coins justice.
Coin! )


Apr. 14th, 2007 04:35 pm
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Costuming time!

A few days ago the used brass coin bra/belt covers and belly drape that I bought arrived at my place.

Last night, before a school welcoming/drinking party I bought some kimono fabric with brass and copper threads to use as the belt and bra base. This morning I drafted the belt pattern and made a belt base. Then I took my needle nose pliers to open and close jump rings until the brass belt cover was the right size for me. Last, I took heavy duty beading thread and stitched the belt cover and costume blather. )


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