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Nov. 3rd, 2008 08:25 am
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Eshe sent pictures...Huzzzah! It's only a matter of time before we have pictures with her in it, because the photogs love her.

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This may be finished by the time Eshe leaves Japan this weekend. I'll be spending the day as her helper on Saturday and will probably bring it along.
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Should have most of this done in time to fit Eshe this weekend and check all the sizing before hooks and lining.


Oct. 4th, 2008 09:15 pm
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The bra is probably 2-3 days away from being finished.

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I am packing the bra with me, to stitch on the train to and from Portland...

I started work on the belt. I'm going to do the cowrie shapes as appliques so that I have a minimum of pushing needles through thick cloth and into fingers.

So, Eshe, instead of asking how you're doing, I present you with this image.

It's for the center of the belt.

The storm

Mar. 24th, 2008 09:37 pm
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Am I kidding about the costume storm? No, not one bit. Do I kid about costumes? Well, yeah, I do, but not about those I make.

Let's see what's on the work table!

From bottom to top.

First off, that yellow thing? I gots me a label maker, bitches! I am waaaaay too happy with my new cheap label maker. It wasn't an easy find. Now I just need a few more storage drawers from Muji for my costume workspace.

Gold: The Romanian's belt is getting some metal rivet action to start with. She's just not the sequin type.

Burgundy: Re-enforcing the cups and doing a little more fringing on one of my first homemade bedlahs. I wore it to the restaurant last
Friday. I swear, there is a love of my homemade bedlah and my Turkish Rom heavy music there that makes me think the owner is stuck a bit in the past and that that's the right place for an owner hiring me to be.

Cowrie: Eshe's long-awaited costume. I'm starting with the few little baggies she gave me at her last performance before moving to Korea and Mekyria's sending more! There's a lovely bit of white coral from my trip to Okinawa that will go between the cups.

Champagne and Coins: At her last performance before moving Eshe thrust a big-ass bag at me and said something about cowries. The thing weighed a TON. It was only when I got home that I realized I was lugging around another coin-cover set. Eshe bought it used before moving and shipping/storage/moving just didn't work out for her. It's going to stay in the Afet Collective family. I'm charging Henna for my supplies and labor to make the base belt and bra and attach everything. When I am done we'll have no reason not to get off our asses and do a duet because we'll have matching-enough costumes now. Above those coins are my coins. Henna and I are roughly the same size so I'm using what I've already done to figure out the base pattern.

Not shown are two stripped-down bras, one for Henna's base and one for my gold bra.
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Started costumes! No classes for two weeks!
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Henna, I can start the base for your coin-workhorse. Email me with specifics for what fabric you want.


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