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A while back I bought a used costume, only to realize how much I passionately hated how the skirt looked on me, but I loved the fit of the bra.  So, for a while it sat in my closet, I'd put it on every once in a while to talk myself into liking go. The jeweled crotch, the cut of the skirt, the fact that I needed to let the elastic out about 2 cm so it wouldn't be go

The Before;
Rodeo Cabaret?
The skirt is Teh Fug

I am happy to say that I am finished and it, while average for cabaret bling, is not a total eyesore!
After! )
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With this weather ( very humid ), what may be jet lag and last night's hot yoga moment of dropping into corpse pose while my right arm spasmed for too long, I'm knackered.

But today, between school and watching project runway, I did the following.
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What do you do with a crassel? I mean, it was ugly, but it was bling. Bellydancers of my sort do not waste the bling.
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The belt is coming along, needs fringe ( and I will do little tassles of fringe as well) and a bottom row of sequins before the visable parts are finished.

The two flowers ride just on my hips, the rest folding back around me.
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This should give you an idea of how slow my work day was.


Jul. 31st, 2006 12:22 am
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I've reached a point in deconstruction-reconstruction where I actually think this is going to work!

I've had some doubts about slashing into the skirt and ravaging it for parts and fabric... but then I checked how much I paid for the fugly and just said "goddamned, this is going to work, because I don't want to try to resell it" and cut it.

I've bought more sparkle and ordered the fringe.

p.s. almost finished panel is the back part of the belt
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Turning the fugly skirt into a belt is underway.

 I need to order some beaded silver fringe for the edges but this is shaping up to be rather quick work. I'll also need to pick up rhinestone in Tokyo tomorrow to make the squiggly belt match the squiggly bra.
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Having finally finished a lovely costume I find myself, due to all this spare time, figuring out what to make next. I was thinking about doing a black and silver bedlah, but then decided to start something slightly less ambitious, to work with what I have.

I took a look at my costumes and figured out what I have never worn and why.

I haven't worn the blue which is a far more vibrant blue in real life than it is in that crappy quick picture. It looks like THIS blue, but with little sparkles

Why haven't I worn it? Why? Because, the skirt is fugly . Let me count the ways:

I don't care for the open front shape of it which spins up when I spin, causing you to wonder if you can catch some panties if the spangled merkin moved more.
The spangled merkin.
Not too damned crazy about the waist-belt.
It isn't too tight on me, but the elastic needs to be let out 2cm or so so that  it doesn't pinch and LOOK too small.
It's just, kinda yucky.

What's nice about it? It was inexpensive, light weight, the color looks good on me, and the top fits perfect! 

What's gonna happen to it? That skirt is becoming a belt...I already have one skirt (the matching blue velvet) which would look stunning with a blue and silver belt.I've drafted a belt pattern from my gold belt and have cut the interfacing. Tomorrow I'll pick up some felt for the base and then assemble the first layers of fabric.


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