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I came to work this morning and greeted my co-workers. They looked oddly excited and I had to ask “What?!”


Apparently the mayor called the evening before. He needed my assistance and would try again the following day. I would have loved it if they’d contacted me last night and mentioned it so I wouldn’t be meeting the mayor in a black sweater, jeans, and socks with skulls on them.


I mean, I’ve made an educational film about proper dental hygiene with the man, but still…I don’t want to seem too casual.


His assistant called down and summoned me. Mr. West helped me find the office because I get lost in this building. I looked very out of place in his reception room.


His assistant explained that the mayor is bidding to bring an Indian school of some sort to Nagareyama and would be giving a speech and presentation tomorrow to 300 people in English. The Mayor is bi-lingual from his 12 years in America, but he’s out of practice. That made sense, as I was having a hard time understanding why the Mayor would need my advising (as that was the word most used in Japanese).


So, when I met with the mayor I English checked his items and speech for clarity. I am glad he handed me a blue pencil, as I would feel odd correcting the Mayor’s papers with a red teacher pen or pencil.


I was only there for word tweeking but did suggest to him that the library system in Nagareyama would only be a selling point if the libraries had sizable (or any) foreign language sections.

...And I've been back up there for pronunciation checks!

I did mention that if all goes well and they ever need entertainment for a multicultural entertainment I know a Japanese performer and instructor in Indian dance.
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banned banned

Photobucket keeps blocking this image, saying it violates terms of'd think the drawing of penises from the same textbook would be more of an issue.

Dirty bomb!

Mar. 3rd, 2009 06:15 pm
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More from the textbooks which remain in my desk area. I did some very quick scans of the boy book.


Dirty bomb! )
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I found three books that I want to steal from work, but instead I've scanned in a few pictures to share with you.

Last Friday there were three hardcover textbooks on top of my English supplies. I opened the first one and found this image inside the front cover.Lots of illustrated nudity and silly! )

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My educational film about teeth, you know the one, is surprisingly popular. With only the keywords educational lowbudget teeth and Japan...part  2 has 1,449 views.


Ya'll can only account for a few hundred, tops.

I can only hope that many Japanese teeth fetishists were very disappointed. Please tell me they were disappointed.
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If you've ever said "Wow, I'd love to see parasitegirl over-acting and gesturing in a Japanese educational video for elementary school kids who don't speak English....and I like teeth....and I like it when she looks all sweaty and summer-exhausted from the grind of city hall all day every day...."

Here it is, the educational film. I have not watched the second half yet. I'm not ready for it.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:02 pm
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I have the educational film I made for the city....the bi-lingual one with the mayor...about teeeeeeeeth.

Give me time to figure out ripping and cutting into two parts. It's about 18 minutes..then I will post to youtube because I promised.

I have just watched 1 minute of it...then I screamed and stopped it. You will love how bad an actress I am.
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I have a bright purple and orange flosser all loaded up with cinnamon floss, an interdental brush, a brush with many different colors of bristles, and a brush that has webbed feet and a bristle cover in the shape of a parrot wearing a lab coat...what've you got?

Mega Sensei came and got me at 12:30.

She explained that there would be some script changes. A female assistant would be joining me as the guest dentist. I'd introduce her and she would natter in Japanese a bit, but for the most time I was on screen, I would ignore her.  

We went upstairs to films my scenes with the mayor and the pig-faced assistant with bad teeth. The plasti-bling of exciting brushes that I could claim as "my own" in the quick video were all laid out before me. In the world of educational films, there is nothing strange about carrying your oral hygiene tools when you bring your friend to the Mayor's office and the fact that he'll whip his out is inevitable.

Educational films require a level of suspension of disbelief tantamount to porno films, and it rarely happens with either. You always know what you're watching is being staged for you. You have to accept the situation for action to start...although the action is gonna start, with or without your consent and belief. Both often involve "the sets we could get"...and the creation of affordable video making technology has put making both in the hands of rank amateurs.

I was not part of the dentist scenes with the pig-faced girl. Those scenes were 100% in Japanese. We never discussed the fact that the start and end of the video are in English, but the middle is Japanese...maybe the end result will feel like a rush of lovely language suddenly flowing in to color everything,  like the Wizard of Oz....but I doubt it.

The "crew" loved and my American teeth. The teeth that money and painful metal braces, contraptions, and spacers bought and built.

They also loved my acting, which I assure you was highly affected...mostly by Jan Handy Productions. I was probably the most natural actor in the room...which really isn't saying much. Trust me, hindsight tells me that my choice of art school over drama school was, and always has been, the right choice.

I did ask for a copy of it when it is all finished.

You'll marvel at the bad acting, the pig-faced girl, the way that toothbrushes show no love for continuity and skitter around the table from shot to shot, and my reminder that, no mater what country you live in, proper oral hygiene is a very important part of all of our lives.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 06:00 pm
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For those of you who worried that my chance to feature in a Japanese educational film on oral hygene had passed...


Me and the Mayor are on for a July 16th filming!

I just got the script. It was left at my office because it was too image heavy to email me....the paperclip was tooth shaped.

You guys will love it. I'll be scanning it tomorrow.

It's priceless, because not only is it in Japanese and English with little boy and girl icons for me and the mayor (we will be subtitled in Japanese)...the shots have been figured out, so next to the text there are photos of two nurses representing me and the mayor with clearly labeled signs "キャサリン" (Kathryn) "市長” (Mayor) AND I get a scene with a plaque-ridden pig-girl with pig nose, a clown wig, and false oversized teeth.

The script makes it clear that not only have the two of us been tagged because we are "local celebs every elementary school student would know" but because we do have very nice teeth.

I'm checking the English tomorrow.
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A few weeks ago, around lunch time, a man attempted to rob the nearby post office at knife-point. After getting some cash he made off on his bike, still holding the knife. I don’t have TV access and this isn’t national news, I knew this because a general safety announcement about it was made at our school prior to the students going home for the day. The teachers seemed pretty shaken up about it all, which I can’t really mock because xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Japan does have recent problems with the occasional knife attack on elementary students. I had to explain to them why I wasn’t very afraid of biking home, what with knowing there’s a man with a knife and a bike out there, so I mimed the frozen surprise that comes with people looking into my eyes and getting the Gaijin Shock! I also mime the same thing when the lunch co-workers talk about being afraid of opening the door to sales people lest they be crazed robber bandits.


 the knife and the suspicious person )

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The first day of work, August 2nd, was a fluke. Everyone was here because there was a mandatory video to watch. It was also a pretty surreal start to my year here. I’d been told that the video would be about 人権, human rights, so I expected something along the lines of Amnesty International, or, at the least, about integrating disabled and special needs students into the class.


I was dead wrong.

The film... )


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