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Blarg…goood morning.


It is Monday and I’m at city hall. It is yucky outside. I’m chugging the roobios. Not sure if I have a cold or hay fever or the onset of asthma fun, I just know that if I’m like this when I hit my school tomorrow, my voice won’t last the week. The good news is that the thyphoon has lost power and should blow over soon.


Show weekend!

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Yeah, Eshe's party rocked so hard.


Jun. 29th, 2009 03:34 pm
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I finished Henna’s ME coin set yesterday and gave it to her when she, Leah, Anaan and I kicked back at Anaan’s for lunch and wine on Sunday. Now Henna and I have matching (same coins, different base colors) coin sets and can be unstoppably hot together or apart. I figure if we get off our ass and plan an event together some future day that we’ll need to call on my Harajuku photographers and get some shots together in the coins…because who really could resist all that on a flyer?

But first we need to get off our butts and do a duet and road test it…which I am writing here so we do it.

Henna…the more I think about it the more I think George Abdo. Well, actually I think “Get a George choreo under our belts and if that works then in the future do a drumsolo together with unison moments and one-at-a-time while the other accents with zills moments to top it off.”

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I'm taking a two day break before lining this.


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Sep. 17th, 2007 02:43 pm
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This might illustrate part of why I am willing to knock myself out making a beaded costume for Farasha.

I've been posting my progress on my Japanese Mixi page as well. Farasha recently caught up on her Mixi reading, leaving heart filled comments all the way. One of last night's comments from my last posting was Nourah saying (translated) "Ozma is Awsome!", to which I replied "Ozma's hands hurt!."

I got back from brutal "Power"(flow) hot yoga this afternoon (it's a national holiday) to find an attempted delivery note in my mailbox. I called and, a few hours later, Farasha's package arrived.

A small basket from The Body Shop containing a gentle wash cloth, white musk soap, and lavender massage oil.

Farasha enclosed a note:

Dearest Kate (sic)

Hi! Thanks for working on my bedlah!! I'm soooo excited! I want to give you a massage but I can't, so I'm sending you relaxing goods, Please take care. No rush! But I'm soooo thankful!! LOVE you! Farasha (heart)
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To those of you who have doubts about me finishing Farasha's costume by the end of September, may I present the belt. I have the two layers of fringe, so fringe and lining is the next step....then it's back up to finishing the bra (which is 75% done)


I swear, agreeing to a beaded commission was insane. It's back to tribaret bedlah, halter tops, and belts after this. Next in line are Anaan, Farasha and Henna as "Harrissa", deadline late October ( Sharon Kihara show), halters from my pattern and some sort of belts. It'll be so nice to use a machine again for the majority of the work.

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Progress on the belt. Determined to finish this month so I can do easier projects.


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