Jan. 13th, 2012 10:02 pm
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The skirts I've made....they are the hit of the elementary school I'm at right now.

Teachers found me to see what I was wearing today because they'd heard about my awesome bike-skirt from the kids...and today's drunken skeletons did not disappoint.

And I didn't even bust out the woodland creatures yet!

I will neither confirm nor deny that I stoped at a fabric store today on the way back from my shrink.
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Another thanks goes to Holly of Lucitebox for sending me this link.

Daphnep...I think this is riiiight up your alley!

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Buy Costumes. Not too many. Mostly...damn...that's where I lose the Pollan manifesto rhythm...because the mostly is too complex for just one sentence.

Holly of Lucitebox and I have been mailing back and forth about  this dress.

I loved it (it is a SHAHEEN!) but not my size…as Holly knew. She asked me if I’d want to write copy for it. I wrote a love letter instead.

"In spring, her dress was hopeful. The graphic blossoms promised, "Where there are now simple shoots emerging from the ground there will be a word in bloom," as her shawl wrapped around her to shield her from the last breezes of winter.

In summer, the shawl slipped off to reveal the top of her dress. The fabric, gathered at her shoulders, fell softly down until being cinched cleanly in her belt. "Hello, summer!" it shouted "I am of you, my bold color, my exposed shoulders, and my temping!" as her skirt, with its clean, elongated silhouette and quiet cream expanse, smiled and said "and while so bold, I am also elegant. There is no place I cannot go."

In fall, they strolled along the street together....the hues of her dress outshining the turning leaves... her heart still full of love. Her shawl returned, once more, to her shoulders.

In winter, her dress attended a few parties here and there. It was not a dress to sit at home and wait for brighter days. It was a welcome guest at any gathering as those who looked upon it could not help but smile."

As you can see, I am not suited to writing clear, informative copy. I can write, but much of my prose about clothing is…well….prose. I am unabashedly emotional about clothing. Anyone who flips through my photos here knows this: rare is the clinical description. I favor the narrative…connection be damned. I also have enough intellectual reserves (and enough educated guilt about being such a clothing “ho”) that I have it in me to investigate my clothing/costuming tastes in a way that helps clarify it in terms of aesthetics and taste…but, really…between friends…high aesthetics be damned.  I’m ultimately a sensualist in such things.

Of clothing and taste )



Aug. 28th, 2010 12:08 pm
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I picked up some fabric that matches my curtains and made a quick skirt this morning. I can always use some more simple skirts in summer.

With some washing and wear the fabric should relax a bit. In retrospect, a slightly more tapered shape would have suited the fabric better....but it's fine for 15$ and a morning's work.

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I am writing about day three now.

I thought you should know: I am wearing a very ugly shirt.

I bought it in Istanbul with my last fiver. It is a style I saw many Turkish women wearing, but their shirts were more often lights blues and whites...mine is browns, greens and yellow. I didn't try it on, but it was a strange point of pride that I had enough money to buy it, and a set of zills, on my last day...I'd waited until the last day, hoping to have at least that much cash.

I didn't try it on. I bought it knowing it would either look fab or horrid and only cost 5 lyra.

It's not doing me any favors. It's basicly a large rectangle with a V neck cut into it and some elastic to bring it in under the breasts.

In fact, it makes me look pregnant. I will never let you see me in this. I probably won't wear it out of my bedroom often (where, because it is comfy and gives me a memory, I will wear it...but not infront of any lover)...but today only my co-workers and some people on the train will see why not?

I have paired the insane print of the shirt, which looks like a butterfly voilently errupted on me, with chunky jewely and black, skinny pants. My hair is in a bun. I look like an insane librarian in an ethnic-studies library. And, even knowing how absurd I look, I walk at lunchtime with a swagger. It's a swagger that says "Yeah, I'm a jet-set international type who takes vacations in places like Istanbul...and buys absurd shit while'd you spend your vacation?"

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My hatred of LV bags is titanic...but I love this video.

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Today's fashion is a combined t-shirt keffiyeh!Pictures! )
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Let's rejoice in awkward phrasing...and participate in it.

The local NGO is hosting a concert. Wednesday when I was in "various harmony" buying my eggs, the English speaking worker wanted help translating a phrase that would be used for a banner that expressed the goal of the concert.

"Let's keep disabled people smiling" seemed less forceful than "Make disabled people smile!"

I couldn't really think of anything better and still make it to the earthy crusty store for some dark wheat bread for tomorrow's sandwich.

Thursday, after work, I went to the Otakanomori mall to buy new towels for Dean Mommy's arrival this week, new liquid liner, and neutral colored pants for work. I ended up getting creme-colored denim from Zara. I no longer trust any clothing sizes. Either I gained weight or the Zara size elves are smoking crack.  I'm enjoying my silly hip-huggers and am a little worried how much the stretch is going to relax, but am a little surprised by the fact I had to go up to US size 10 to find a pair that fit.

Size 10 is a perfectly respectable size and all, but at 20 pounds heavier I was only an 8 and have been between 6-4 for a few years.... depending on Size-Elf crack intake (size 4 being the result of vanity-sizing crack-binges).

This isn't a call to tell me I'm not fat. I know I'm healthy and a very good size for my build. It's a reminder that sizes that do not represent actual physical measurement are totally fucked up. It is impossible to guess what "size" will fit any woman without a bunch of perplexing try-ons.

I'm very, very, very, very glad I am a size that is carried in Japan branches of international chains (Gap, MNG Jocomola, Zara, Armani Express) because I would hate to be buying any non-dance clothing item mail-order/on-line.

After all of that, I went home and hemmed the pants a good 4 1/2 inches. I can't remember the last pair of pants/jeans that I didn't have to hem. Obviously, no one is making an effort to keep the Size Elves smiling, they turn to the pipe for love.
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I seriously need a gold set. I've finished fixing the sequin and lace 80's/90's trumpet skirt I bought and can't wear it until I have something all gold. I have the belt from over 2 years ago when I made a skinny belt to better suit my gold set...but I sold that set (with the original belt)

Now I am watching Muppets and beading. As long as this takes, and as pricey as AB crystals can be, it's still cheaper and faster than me ordering myself anything custom made.

And just because longtime readers know my love of thrift stores and ugly-beautiful. I present a summer dress I bought for under 500yen (which is about 5-6 USD)Greeeeeen! )


May. 1st, 2008 09:01 pm
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Dear 30-something Japanese man on the train,

Do you realize that you're wearing high waisted "Mom Pants"?  Furthermore, do you realize that if you continue to do so that those will be the last lady's pants you'll get into?



Jan. 7th, 2008 09:06 pm
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If my postings seem to come in jagged spurts today, that is in part due to the general sense of anxiety I've had all day. I really haven't had the mindspace to sit and write out anything long or in depth, although I have stuff to write about.

So, instead of substance I'll give you surface. My digital camera finally died on me and I replaced it Sunday. Now I can bring you a few random items I brought home from San Fran in addition to the overwhelming memories and photos.
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I went to work today. Hot. Muggy. I am sweaty and red.

My mind is pretty burned out. I came home, made some gazpatcho, and unpacked my bag.

Here are some of the groovy items I unpacked.

3$ dress.

more )


Aug. 21st, 2007 05:09 pm
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Reached shopping burn out...had to return home.

You'll have to wait for thw whole story because the stunning vintage 70's floor-length dress in green-blue-and-lightblue must be photographed to be believed. It makes up for me not getting the eBay pantsuit...and only cost me 3$. Same goes for the crazy quilt I picked up for (OMG) 15$.

Handmade large crazy quilt...15$.

I love real thrift stores.

I've been to Fluevogs and picked up these...because most of my sandals nowadays are brown and green...needed black.

Nordstrom Rack while hungry was dangerous, but I made it out with one top for under 40$. Safe....the evening gowns I liked were all too big.

The dueling Egyptian stores on Pine no longer duel. Lost Treasures has been defeated and the other one didn't have Egyptian fringe.

Anthropologie...where I learned that I am smaller than I thought I was size-wise. Since they have clothing that fits my ultra-petite friends I assumed I'd be on the higher end of the "American Vanity Sizes That Often Fit Me" but seem to be a whole new-to-me vanity size. I got this and a baby-blue dress that was marked down  insanely that I can't even find it on the site.

This dress kept calling to me, but I told it to fuck the fuck off and refused to try it on.

And a shawl, from a store called Baby & Me which is actually high end stuff and not maternity.

Then....I fed myself and got on a bus before I could shop anymore.


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