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Soon I leave work and the weekend of moving starts. I am taking a half day off.


After lunch (Indian) I’ll head home to get my phone, my fiber-optic info and stuff, a book, and head to my “MiniMini” to wait with my rental agent for the Flets/NTT call to go help set up my computer line and phone. I’ll also double check where I can park my bike. Then it is back home to pack the rest of the stuff.


Tomorrow morning I will bike my bike over to the new place and bring over my Ghetto Garden. The movers will come sometime between 12-6…depending on if the morning appointment goes long (afternoon, because of the time flexibility, is cheaper). They will call an hour to 30 minutes before they come over.


I have no clue how that is all going to work…just that it must.,

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Let's give thanks to Kazu once more.

This Wednesday he'll be helping me take my range top to a recycle shop. The move means that I change gas types ( from city gas to propane) and I had to buy a new two-burner range top and grilly thing...and my current one is good (and I've cleaned it) but schelping it for 15 minutes to the recycle shop by myself would mean a fairly sore back and arms.

Thursday night I have a dance rehearsal in Tokyo and Friday evening is the night I have to go get the new keys and go with my agent to watch the guys putting in the Hikari/Flets fiber optic lines and such in the new Wednesday night it is. I'll have to cook my next few meals in advance (tomorrow) and nuke them and make my coffee at work if I'm to be a few mornings and nights without a range top.

It's not totally one-sided. It's not like I don't help Kazu...He moved back here last weekend and tonight he text messaged me with the desperate question of where he can order Arm and Hammer Fresh n' Soft Classic Scented fabric softener sheets. I won't need your help on this one because I located some Japan based on-line shops where Kazu has now placed orders so his clothing can smell as lovely as he likes them to smell...and then I asked him for help with the range...and perhaps I questioned his masculinity.

The Packing tour:packing tour. )

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Next Saturday I move.

This is my last weekend of fixing stuff up and getting ready.

I've tried finding a universal remote for my cheap DVD luck. I guess I will continue to use the current remote that works when you jam a screwdriver in the backplate.

I headed to my local frame store to order new plexigass for Queenie, who I think will either oversee my cooking or my crafting in the new house.

I also remembered that the last time I moved I spent weeks after buying little things like curtains, boxes, and light fixtures. I think I am mostly set for curtains but I bought fabric for my kitchen curtains (because affordable curtains usually only come in basic white and off white,, or OMG BLIND GRANNY) and will probably spend the monday after I move (3 day weekend) making them in between unpacking and napping. I'd make them now but I don't know the exact size I need to make. Yeah, it's cute. It'll go with the shelves and the clock without being too matchy.

After I power nap today I'll head into Ginza to dance. Tomorrow I will take my dance cash to the recycle shop and find a basic kitchen table and two be delivered after my move.
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I packed craft's getting real. The rooms are starting to look like things are gone.
My three rooms )

The boxes

Jul. 5th, 2010 09:00 pm
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As Bea noted...I have really cute boxes provided by my moving company.

Because it's written in Japanese I'd always thought of the company as "ARC movers"...but the boy and girl and animals? I think I've made a mistake..I'm obviously being moved by Ark moving center.

It is the rainy season.

my choices

Jul. 5th, 2010 03:15 pm
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The anger has left me.


I’m 12 days away from moving and I am ready for it. Japanese apartments aren’t built to last and now I can look at the signs of entropy and say “soon, you will be someone else’s problem.” Old tatami mats worn near bare in the area I dance. Goodbye. Water stain-like marks on my walls from humidity, you will no longer embarrass me in costume photos. Worn out flooring that is bubbled in areas…so long.


This morning, after I watered my herbs, I saw Eduardo decked out in his construction wear walking with what I assume to be his girlfriend to her car and I felt no temptation to flip him off or call him a dumb motherfucker with shitty luck…which is a long way from wanting to greet him with a baseball ball or debating pouring a cup of urine into his full mailbox.


My boss talked to Mrs. N a few days ago and asked her if I’d found a place and explained how sorry he was that he couldn’t sign due to family pressure. He does feel very guilty about this whole clusterfuck. He did express some concern about why I seemed unwilling to go with the limited options that a signing company would have provided me with…he’ll never get that. I don’t think the guys at work really get that there’s a limit to the limits one can take. After I’d been targeted as a single female to harass and try to get sexed-up by in the middle of the night and then been urged by police to move lest I be vicitimized in the future I agreed to move so that I could return to having control over my own world/home. My bosses seem to think I am moving for my safety but I am moving for my sanity. I am moving so my place can be my place again. That sort of reason requires that I have a wide array of options and as much access to those options as possible


Ultimately, they didn’t understand what sort of choices I was considering. They thought “if she can’t get this place, she can get another through a signing company” but I was thinking “if I can’t get this place, I can abandon ship and hide in Taiwan for 3 months on a visitor visa and write.”


The anger is gone, but I am still out of step with my usual routines. My dance practice is iffy at best, I haven’t been into Tokyo outside of gigs for a while, my social life has died, and I haven’t had time to costume. I look forward to my new place and regaining my relative autonomy.


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Right now the process of packing and organizing is like I've been given the world's shittiest nesting doll; I remove clutter and crap only to find there is more clutter and crap contained beyond what I saw.

I've been making trips to Ikea for clear containers for my stash. I figure now that I have more closets, I can use clear containers to keep track of what I have in process and in supplies. In order to take the containers I previously had stuff in (and on and flowing out off) and transfer the stuff to new container there is the part of the process where everything seemingly explodes and expands to fill rooms. Packing and getting rid of stuff in my bedroom has created similar chaos.

Yesterday afternoon Mr. S, my police officer, called for an update. I told him I'm fine and that I am moving...but, shit, I could call him back and scream "OMG, Mobsters tossed the joint!" and if he scurried over he'd find a mess that looks like craft mobsters had unraveled the place.

And I haven't even touched the yarn stash.Photos )


Jun. 21st, 2010 11:52 am
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I have paid for my first half a month's rent, first month's rent, rental agent fee, one-time huge-ass cleaning and restoration fee, fumigation fee, and insurance fee.



I also managed to, by myself, call the rental agent and double check the total price I needed to transfer because, by my calculations, it would be smaller than first estimated because we'd brought the monthly rent down 3,000 a month...I was right. The difference was only about 6,000 yen but it ads up!


Jun. 16th, 2010 02:12 pm
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The good part of moving is that it gives you the chance to clarify and revisit your living space and what you put into it.

I suspect if I had had to move into an apartment I felt iffy about or was smaller than where I live now, I would have a harder time getting rid of things I don’t use or don’t use often enough to justify keeping them. I’d be clinging to “my stuff” for comfort to reassure myself that I hadn’t lost anything by this unfortunate series of events…I mean, in addition to my money, a possible side trip to Taiwan, and my cool.

But I’m not going to an iffy place, I’m going to move to a place I like. It is roomy: a full room larger than where I live now…and that makes me ready to let go of stuff to make my next space, well, spacious .

The clutter has been getting to me. It’s been forcing me to “manage it” every few days , to chase it into cubbies and piles and behind things and more and more often I’ve just said “fuck it” and slunk into bed. 

I have at least 10 boxes packed already. I have free-cycled books. I have taken in two bags of book and two bags of DVD for trade into Tokyo. I still don’t feel like I’ve made a dent in it and this is spurning me to freecycle and trade-in more stuff…and I will probably reduce some space by getting rid of my ancient 13-inch tube tv and eventually replacing it with a “recycle shop” (used) flat-screen tv a few inches larger. I do have to get a new range top, because I’m switching from city gas to propane…but it’s nowhere nearly as stressfull as having to get a used fridge/rangetop/washer like my last move (items which, in addition to my bed, were delivered to my current apartment and are why I am hiring a moving company for this move.)

I’ve done some of this just to stay busy/productive while being burned-out and stressed over the last two weeks. There was only so much ice cream I could stress eat. Let’s here it for tiny Japanese food proportions keeping me in check.

But now I am looking at my furniture…or thinking about it because I am at city hall. I’m mentally organizing my rooms. I’m wondering what I can do to take everything up a notch on budget. The chairs in the front room will be getting new homemade covers. I think my end table is getting sanded, painted, and maybe some funky fabric decoupage accents. I’m wondering if I want to do my bed to match…the craft table could use a new surface as well.

The station that is a 15 minute walk away? That train line leads to TWO Ikea, but I wanna be smart…I’ll probably haunt the outlet/damaged/clearance areas from time to time…but I think my first trips once I’ve done some planning are for sand paper, primer, and paint…after I’ve explored my fabric stash a little more…and my design idea notebooks filled with a few years worth of things I cut from home decoration mags, ready made, and more…



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Today I brought my apartment forms to work so I could ask a few questions about a couple of the boxes I couldn’t figure out how to fill out. Overall I’m sort of amazed at how much I do understand. All done!

 A facebook reader asked me:“How many rituals are involved in this? Do you have to bring a gift? Does it need to be wrapped just so? Does signing involve those little wood cut blocks with the kanji on them?”

I thought you might have questions about this, so here’s the skinny:

Step by step )

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It was a good weekend for dance. This fact may have been overshadowed by OMG APARTMENT SIGNER MELTDOWN 2010 6/11.


And…do not doubt that I melted down and I did so without a great deal of dignity. Nothing removes grace from a flounce when you have to you run back to grab a whole box of tissues because you’re that much of a mess…or the later one when I realized that every form I needed to move on was still in my desk. The exit-return-exit wasn’t helped by the fact I had to exit with a whole suitcase packed for an after -work gig. It is hard to hold a bag, a wheely suitcase, tissues, and your head up at the same time.


I went home early on Friday because I needed to be somewhere I could make calls and emails and do what I had to do. My “this needs to get done!” small or large disaster mode, if inhibited by lack of access to things I can do, generally points me toward meltdown.


Waiting for the train I called Mrs. N, to hear a kind voice. She assured me that I had good reason for being so angry but that I also had a great many people who care for me and want me to be in the apartment and safe and happy.


On the train home I got an email from Melissa in Milwaukee asking if I was up for some Skyping about dating. I warned her that I looked a mess…but that helping someone else with dating questions would do me a world of good. On the walk home from the train I heard back from Kazu and Wataguy as well…possible signers. Easier to breathe.


I shoved an ice cream bar in my mouth, brewed some coffee, and started to unclench. Mel got me on Skype and we talked. Then it was time to put contacts in and do my face for the Mother’s Ruin gig. I had to pick up false lashes on the way to the train (as I’d planned, pre-meltdown, to get some more at lunch) and quickly applied them on the train. Fuck the manner campaign! I also grabbed some snack food, as I realized I’d had no lunch, except that ice cream bar.


I felt better once at Mother’s Ruin. Aztecy-goodness, giant copper lizard, Accordian/Clarinet/Tuba/Pianica, friendly faces, a home. There was nothing to stress out about with Katsura Mazurka (the band) because they are such a roll-with-it outfit that I had no large game plan.


Mother's Ruin, Konya and cleaning. )

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The Waiting Game:

My mind is allowing all connections right now. I don’t think I’ve been this randomly rorschattted since I was in Taiwan with Paul, except this isn’t fun and I’m not next to the ocean with an old friend and some vodka.

I’d loosely planned to be back in Taiwan next month, over the long weekend, and that is now my in-limbo moving time.

“All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel…. .” This monkey, however, does not think this is all in fun. I sit here at my desk. My duty for today, unstated, is to wait until my boss gets the call. I twiddle my thumbs as “Pop goes the weasel” plays on a loop between my ears. Ring, click, what will explode from that mystery box? Will I have my apartment? Will it be Pennywise, bad teeth and all? Will I be pounded-foolish again? How low can I go? Is the cat alive or dead…for it is both in my mind.

What happens next?

Whatever happens I will have a place to go tonight. My gig bag sits behind me. Around 5:30 I will roll into Shimokitazawa. I’ll be dancing to live music I love. I hope to be fully in my dance and not to be clinging to it to save me…but right now it could go either way.

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Yesterday Kazu and I met at Shin-Matsudo station and headed to a rental agency. The rental agent, a young stylish guy, established that I was the potential renter. He gained my love by handing me the first forms of the day without hesitating or asking if I was capable of filling them out or apologizing that he didn’t have English ones..he just handed them over and didn’t stay around to do any “Oh! Kanji! OOoooooh you can wriiiite” stuff that I dislike.


My hands were shaking. All of my insecurities from the last hunt started bubbling up.He asked if I had a guaranteer and I was all “Yes! My boss. My boss at CITY HALL! STABLE GOVERNMENT WORKER! Old married Japanese man! YES YES YES!!!” He smiled.

This hunt features no dead roaches, unlike 6 years ago! )


The Hunt

Jun. 1st, 2010 03:40 pm
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Kazu is on for Sunday. Sunday the hunt for a new apartment starts.

I'll dress nice.

Of course, I won't do as much primping as the time in Alexandria,VA where the apartment hunt included me wearing a wig over my recently shaved skull. I also didn't wear the "Be Nice To Me, I Gave Head Today" jacket I was fond of wearing back then...

Well, I was not exactly fond of it..I wore Gulfie's old jacket for protection, to be stronger than I was, to be that tough and fuck-it after a few bad knocks. This time armor may include a suit jacket worn casually and some nice shoes.

I'm also in the process of begging my bosses to be the Japanese "vouchers" signing for me on the contracts. Yeah, I have to have such a thing. Being 35, having a job, having lived in japan for 9 years and having lived in the same apartment for 6 years...that doesn't cut it. I'm a gaijin. A single one. If Kazu is my signer, they may assume that he's my sugar daddy and I'm a risk.

Lovely, isn't it?
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I'm Gonna Move.


It’s simply not worth it to live somewhere where my reaction to the doorbell has gone from “Sales people?” to “Creep or cops?!” And, bonus, I can look for a place where the bedroom is not floored with something that agravates my allergies year-round.


My apartment contract ends July 31st and they would like to know my moving date by June 30th. There will be no penalty….but goodness knows how much of my original deposits and such I will get back, I think my July rent should be paid for already…but that might be the sort of thing my apartment screws me on.


Why did my last move break me? Well I was already low on cash and then:


But the 61,000 yen I already paid? Simply a realtor’s fee… a realtor’s fee. The partial rent for one week, the next month’s fee, the key money, two month’s rent as deposit, insurance, apartment upkeep fees and so on…. Well for you Americans I figured it out in dollars… $2,679.23.


And I hadn’t realized I’d need a new fridge and washer (my first apartment supplied them) or the costs of starting my new job, my visa stuff..... The last move traumatized me. It kept me from moving when I got this job two years ago. I don’t want to stay here anymore just because leaving is a hassle…and the apartment I am in could use a rehaul anyways.


I have a mantra right now “Nothing can suck as much as my last/first move within Japan.” I can’t imagine myself crying as I walk from Nakano to Shinjuku at 1AM, or biking to buy budget natto, or walking through a thunderstorm in shoes that have just fallen apart as I sniffle to myself…or any of the other highlights of my last move. I do expect I will be low on cash in August and will have plenty of time in the evenings to not do anything that costs cash.


I do want to stay near the train line I am on and I would like to be able to continue biking to work.


We made the calls about not renewing my apartment today. Hopefully Kazu will be available for apartment hunting sometime this weekend. I want him because he already knows the hassles of the gaijin apartment hunt.


I’ve canceled my sports-club membership to reduce that monthly charge. I’m stocking up on food staples for cheaper eating. I’m working on choreographies and trying to make sure I’m getting booked regularly. I’m thinking about approaching a studio in Matsudo about teaching, but not quite yet.


I also think it is time to contact those in costume line about down-payments and current prices…because August will be a good time to work on stuff and I can do a basic fitting for Eshe when she’s here in July…and I have Farasha’s stuff on file.


I also need to balance this will paying for my Vegas flight and saving vacation money.


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