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As promised!

I need to tweek the lining and hooks and bling out the arm bands.
This baby is going to need a photoshoot! )
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Now I need to line the bra, bling the arm and wrist cuffs I made today and it will be finished, although I think I will use leftover beads and such to make some sort of necklace and earings...maybe.No torso, sorry. )
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I still have some hem trim to do but I think I finished the feathers

The beads

Feb. 4th, 2009 09:22 pm
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Progress on peacock costume...blurry dark pictures under the cut...torso included.
fuzzy peacock )

Fringe duty

Feb. 1st, 2009 04:19 pm
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Behold the best palettes for the job.
How could I think of not using them? )

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Progress on peacock, excuse the dirty mirror, I need to clean.
Wrap around )
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Costume is coming along, the peacock feathers are starting to wind around the skirt.

and the bra is getting blingy-er!

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If I didn't have to dance tonight I would probably bead until my hands cramped up.
Pictures, no torsos. )

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I went to Peach John's for bras yesterday. One for the costume habit, two for me. PJ is still one of the few places I can get afordable comfortable bras for myself here, which is becoming a thing I need, as last year in America I didn't hit Victoria's Secret so I could save for a costume purchase and my two year old bras are starting to give up and my 3 year old bras are for a larger me.

PJ has bras I can wear, but I do need to first take out the removable padding that comes in all Japanese bras...and then I need to resign myself to wearing absurdly frilled and laced bras. The sales lady told me that I'd want to take of the rhinestones heartshaped "tween the breasts" charm before washing...I think it needs to go before wearing and I will be cutting bows today before I get dressed.

They do have a nice utilitarian bra I can use for costumes that come in Japan size "F" (D-DD for Americans) which is a size that can still shrink from bead work and be padded and work. I still haven't found a bra base for making "Eman" styled bra tops.

The nice sales lady noticed a few spots on it, but I told her I'd be using it for a costume base and not to worry. I don't think she fully understood and a manager gave me two pairs of bejeweled plastic bra straps to apologize. I refrained from saying "Great! For making panties when costumes have too many cut-outs" because I have to go back there...for more...and I have limits of how much fo the nutter I want to be.

So I built my bra base last night and worked more on the skirt to go with it. I've been beading the edge of the skirt...slow work. I am out of brown thread so I might not get to cover the bra until the weekend.Skirt progress and frankenbra! )

Power net

Nov. 23rd, 2008 03:48 pm
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I stopped in Nippori yesterday morning and bought some powernet.

I wasn't sure if it would be too white, or not white enough, because the only exposed skin i could compare it to in the store was my hands. I figured my thighs are a few stops whiter than my hands.

Today I stitched some into my skirt in progress to keep the shapes from warping or gapping so the skirt lays smoooooooth. I really didn't like how the cutouts on my Bella gapped a bit in the photos I I may eventually power net them as well.

WHite enough!

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Eshe will soon send pictures of the costume...because she knows how much it means to me to have documentation.

With the cowries out of the way I turned to a costume I've been working on for me. It started as a trumpet skirt...then I reworked it a bit (because it was too loose) and put more darts and a slit in it. Then...on realizing that dark brown is my new black...because I can'd do all black in a costume...I decided I would make it into a two-piece costume.

I decided it would have a peacock motif and I ordered beads and sequins and stuff for it prior to my trip to America...and I also had plans to do some rushing (sp?) on it in dark teal.

Yesterday I ripped out the rushing I had done and decided that as long as I was making my first two-piece that wasn't a bra and belt....why not go whole hog. Cut-outs! Next time I am in Tokyo I'll pick up some power mesh for the cut-outs to keep them from stretching too wide. I may do a cut out on the other hip as well.

I need to start building my bra base.


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