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I gotta say, Hiromi knows how to cheer me on.

I got the following texts all at once today..with the pictures.
Matsudo Star )
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A bunch of photos of us being silly.
Photoz! )

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Here are more shots from the Yael Zarca show. These are from my Turkish Roma-inspired performance;

Photoes! )
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The best news is that I have tomorrow and Tuesday off. Tomorrow has to be a two-hour-Thai-massage-getting day. That delayed muscle soreness you get from changing your routine and pushing harder? It's not delayed anymore.


And not in the way I'd like Bob Harper to "do" things to me. This is the result of Bob's one-hour Ultimate Cardio Body DVD. A DVD in which you get to watch one of the back-up instructors (a 6'2" sporty guy) start saying "I can't....I can't..." and everyone is drenched in sweat at the end.

The soreness hit last night, enough that I woke up at 3AM and foam roller-ed my muscles until I could sleep again.

The day started well. I had a delicious breakfast, got local produce and made myself a lovely pastry.

Daikon salad with a ginger sauce topped with peanuts! Orange-Beet soup! Spelt penne with zuchinni/brocolli rabe/ green peas/ pine nuts/ dried tomatoes/garlic (yes...the what's left in the fridge pasta)...and dessert! WOOT, I say, WOOT.

Then to Matsudo for day two of trying to perform. Things were delayed an we had to entertain ourselves by dancing in the street while a band played...and old men took pictures.

A few of my pictures...too few, really. )

Rained out

Mar. 31st, 2012 07:13 pm
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Today's student show was rained and winded out. When we got into the tent to fully change was when the winds got up to 36mph and the thunderstorm hit. It's been a long day. We've got a slot tomorrow but one of my students can't dance the Rompi Rompi along with me...but I have pictures!
Lots of pictures! )
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Mona sent me teaser pictures from the Yael Zarca show. Nam was our photographer. Soon I'll be getting the lot of them and a DVD. If you're on facebook you've seen need to click.

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When I get images back from a photo session it’s time to apply the critical eye… and sometimes bust out the Photoshop. This might not apply to those of you working with photographers who are editing everything before you even see it, or whose images you are contractually obligated not to tamper with, but it applies to many if not most of us.

I don’t use Photoshop for massive changes, but I will replace a cropped foot, remove strands of hair from my mouth, smooth the lines and bulges caused by keeping my bra tight enough for performances. I will also fix necklaces that have flipped, that sort of thing. I want to still look like my but I also want to like what I see. I’m human. We’re all a little terrified of our visual truth. I’m ok with how different I look out of make-up, with my fellow dancers not recognizing me in workshops, but if I show up for a job I should look like the woman they thought they hired. I want to remain real enough in my shots. I want the me in my photos to have skin that has the texture of skin. I don’t want to be shinned and blurred to a plastic finish. I don’t want someone to look at my photo and wonder what is real.

Still, there’s a point in the pixel clicking and the checking and double checking that I just need to get some of the Demons of Photoshop out of my system. You know the Demons. They are of the same evil miasma that hangs out in old sci-fi movies where someone must eventually wring their hands and say, “My God, man! Just because science CAN do it…” It’s then that I must take a break, save what I have, open a different image, and act out. That is when I abuse the liquefy distortion tool until I am the woman my mother worried I’d want to be when she bought me my first Barbie. That is when I am suddenly dancing on the moon, in an old Orientalist painting, through the looking glass, and on a horse with the man my man could smell like. Color Saturation? Hellloooo Sexy Krishna, would you like some more arms? More arms to hold Don Draper? There you go!  

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I will be blogging the shoot today at city hall.

From Tim this morning:

Top of the morning, Guys!
Big thanks to Ozma, Kohei, Dabie and Vanessa
for a amazing day of fine photography and fun.

I'm looking forward to the next time already :)

Best greetings and thanks
so very much again!


When I blog the shoot you'll learn that Tim has a funny idea of what fun is...but we did have many laughs!

Here thar be cleavage. )
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Hi Ozma,
I'm passing on Martin's 'teasers' with great pleasure.
Fujichrome Astia 100F loves Ozma's veils & skin!
More on the way.....


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Blogging the shoot.


By the morning of October 17th I started feeling like someone didn’t want me to shoot. We’d rescheduled three times. I couldn’t shoot the first day they suggested, then we’d had a combination of my asthma and too many photographers on other projects, then we’d rescheduled for a three day weekend and many of the photographers were traveling…so on Saturday the 17th when I got an email at 7 AMish from Tim, the head organizer and advisor of the photographers, telling me the make-up artist had had to cancel and he was looking for a replacement but I should be ready to do it myself. I wasn’t that surprised.


I was sleepy. The night before I’d had the honor of being the performer for Sema Yildiz’s going away party in Tokyo. When my friend Nourah contacted me on Thursday night about dancing a few songs I’d agreed, thinking I would be one of a handful of dancers. The next day when I contacted Miho, who was sponsoring Sema, I learned that I’d be dancing that night to live music and I should simply bring my lovely self and a costume…and when I got there and noticed I was the only person with a gig-bag and the only one who had been told to be there when the musicians set up it slowly dawned on me that I would be THE dancer of the night for an audience of my peers, my teacher, and Sema.


I had a wonderful time and when I got home I simply could not fall asleep. I’d been having doubts about my role and place in the scene here…so not only was I sleepless from a performance high but I was additionally sleepless from the rush of realizing “I’m the sort of person dancers I care about think to contact when they want someone who can entertain them, and their guest of honor, with live and almost no warning (and, for us, no rehearsal time)! Here I am chomping at the bit to work with more live music and it happens and they thanked ME!” My mind was blown.


I woke up at 6:30, fully planning to sleep until 9. I was restless so I got up and made myself a breakfast and checked my mail and sites. This was when I learned we might not have a MUA. Last time I’d shot we’d had a potential no-show MUA and I prepped my foundation, and fake lashes, only to arrive and find they’d found two MUA for me who promptly scrubbed my face and made me up.

Long write-up )


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More! )More )

Just can't get enough? Here's the whole photogallery

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Facebook follow-up:
The bellydancer friend on facebook who picked my photo out of options for "belly dance" images on a facebook ap asked if she could "glitter" my photo. She likes glittering dancer photos but has stopped taking pictures without permission because her mypage glittering of images she found online upset some dancers/photographers. I told her to go crazy.
Glitter by Sabena )

Show photos

May. 9th, 2009 06:14 pm
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I couldn't look at many of the photos for more than a few seconds...Live shots can be pretty hit or miss and sometimes Nam is on a roll and sometimes you get him shooting from the floor and everyone gets second chins. These are the ones that don't make me cringe. Everyone in the first few rows were seated on the floor. So, when I looked at them. BAM double chin!Gold! )

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Here are some photos I just swiped from the Elfin Dj, Ahimsa. They were taken in March of 2008, I think. 

Anaan and I danced at an Indian themed gig he and some visiting Indian fusion dj's were spinning was a trade off for the Efin Dj doing some design work for us. We were requested to use music with an Indian motif to it to fit in...which explains my bindis. I am pretty "anti bindi for me" the rest of the time.

It's hard to describe the changing area. We are in a balcony that runs alongside the top of the room/club which you can access by a very narrow spiral staircase. You can't stand up, you can only sit, the ceiling is so low. It's not the most private place to change.The trippy mushroomy things  and such with the mirror behind them are on the other side of the balcony (the club is small) behind us are also on the balcony, but the candelabra looking thing is a chandelire hanging below the balcony.

I was tired. By the time this picture was taken I had worked a full day, gone to my relatively new gig at Anatolia, danced, and then come to Roppongi for this.

Anyway, on to cheesy pre-show pictures in the trippiest prep room I've ever had.Classy? Not me! )


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