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Yes, I am very glad that I got an iPad2.

It's not a super fun thing to own. I don't play games and didn't download any of the social networking apps. I only got it with wifi because I already have my iPhone for 3G stuff. I have email, so I can upload any emails I want to deal with in the slow time at work and send them when I get home.

It has already done a few very important things for me, such as helping me reduce my reliance on a complex and sometimes random collection of notebooks. At home this means less clutter and on the go it makes for fewer shoulder issues. I've already transfered my teaching notes from three dance notebooks and my elementary school logs...which has also reminded me what an unorganized mess my first half a year of teaching dance was and that I am sure to be humbled by my current teaching chops in days to come. And as much as I love having notebooks, it's best to have pages you can get rid of when you realize your notations no longer are relevant to anything you do now. I don't need a pile of notebooks with a few good ideas in each...I need a way to have those good ideas more easily searchable.

I'm getting around to makign sure my huge pile of business cards gets put into my address book with attached images so I can keep dancers straight and have less crap about my apartment.

Most of my day job information goes into Pages/Word format. My dance notes have gone into Notability because of the ease of recording, saving and sending zill examples. I can show students what a pattern looks like and sounds like without spending too much time writing on the white board and then putting my zills on.

Being able to use keyboard and stylus together has made the process I use to breakdown music before making choreos and combinations easier...and I can keep bead, fabric, and sequin info together in picture form before I go to stores to re-up any of my supplies. I had a notebook for that...but on most days I had piles of labels and packages and hoped to keep them with the beads or not loose them when I cleaned my purse.

But last night, coming home from teaching dance I had my best moment with it. It was the ability to quickly sketch.

I spend a certain amount of my train times thinking about how to deconstruct, revise, and build handbags. I was checking out a nice bag, thinking it would be a good size for my school teaching stuff and that I could probably make something like it when I realized...I have a stylus. I can reach into my bag, pull out the iPad, and make sketches about how I think the bag is constructed, what patterns I own and could modify, and which fabric I have that could work for it.

THAT made it worth it.

Pee! Pack

Aug. 10th, 2010 02:53 pm
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There’s stuff going on in my life that makes me smile but I can’t find the words…but I can bring you a regrettable impulse purchase! I may have learned not to buy every craptastic alcohol-based drink at the convini…I don7t dress in bad English or fill my house with bad-English spewing products...but I can’t always be trusted not to buy beauty products of the damned. 

My friend Renee pointed out that Miss. Super Sensitive Skin should have known better. Coming to terms with my mercurial skin has reduced purchases of lotions, salves, bath products, and the like...but…I have me some wicked hooves.

Oh, my feet retain cute points just because they are small boxes with tiny toes…but get closer to them and they are a calloused mess with some cuticle issues thrown in for fun. I wear dance sandals for restaurant gigs, so I don7t need half the hoof I have. I have never had a pedi and now live in fear that when I do (Seattle) the unfortunate soul in charge of my tooties will gag first and scold will be like when i got a haircut after a year and a half of doing it myself. I was verbally assaulted in two languages that time.

My foot scolding fears are I why I impulse bought Foot Pee! Pack. I wanted to think that the Pee! was just and unfortunate typography choice for Peel…but it indeed involves some urea. The Japanese, they loooooove putting urea in beauty products.                                                                                                      

Picture of front of box:

Ignore English sites about Foot Pee!...they tell lies. Foot Pee! is not a pack of plastic baggies you urinate into and stick on your foot.

What Foot Pee! is, however, is a product that promises to attack your feet with such  savagery that your dead skin peels off. There is a horrible picture of this on the back of the packaging…did that stop me? NO! I thought “That is delightfully grotesque. I must!” Was there Japanese I did not understand on the box? No! Do I have anyone but me to blame for this choice? NO! 

At home I cut the footie bags open, slid my feet into the rose-scented chemicals,  and taped everything closed.I expected to, ya know, lounge around for the 30minutes to one hour it takes.

I did not. It was a disgusting feeling and soon I realized that having sloshy plastic baggies taped to your feet makes you very unstable in the walking department.

The liquid also made me reassess my foot situation. I thought of myself as having heavily calloused feet…it turns out that I actually have very scraped-up heavily calloused feet. Mild cuts and abrasions…they burn. They burn like sin on Sunday.

As I tried to focus on Mr. Show to take the pain away, my chat pinged me. Oh! Great! Boy I like is awake and excited to chat with me…and all I talk about is my disgusting rose-piss soaking feet and OMG THEY BURN THEY BURN! and I can’t NOT type about it. I don’t have filters and small-talk abilities on the best of days…and being chemically burned isn’t on my best days list. 

He eventually decided it was better not to chat with me then...can't blame him.

I started reading the box more carefully. This concoction causes your dead skin to peel away…days after the application. That can’t be good, I thought. This is a chemical that penetrates your skin and slowly eats away for days and days and dead chunks of you fall away…suddenly the thing that sold me wasn’t seeming like an asset because OMG BURNS!! FOOT HERPES !

I couldn’t even bring myself to photograph the back of the box with the peeling picture because I felt shame and additional pain when I looked at

A few minutes shy of 30 I slip-waddled my way to the bathroom, perched on the bathtub edge and showered my feet.

They still stung, but less so now, and my bathroom  smelled like some mythical rose monster had urinated and defecated all over the place.

I shuffled back to my room and pondered what I had done. The burning…and the knowledge that my skin would eventually peel reminded me of the time an ex-boyfriend and I had partaken of liquid salvia in a New York hotel room.

He had thought me a wuss at the time. I had reacted by I locking myself in the bathroom so I could have some quality Alice-in-Wonderland freak outs about being tiny on a giant tiled expanse followed by the belief that I was vomiting lime green frogs…and then, over the next two days, he witnessed the inside of my mouth blister and peel away and felt bad for laughing.

My experience with Foot Pee! was last night…but today my feet have been tingling, burning, and experiencing warm flashes. It would be a lie to say that I wouldn’t be disappointed if nothing happens…but I am still freaked out by it.

When I posted about this on Facebook, Trish…who will be taking me for my first pedi while I am in Seattle..found a good bi-lingual page for a related product, a competitor of Foot Pee!, Baby Feet. Baby Feet seem to be a 2 hour process.

This is the page for basic info…I am linking to it because I know some people have issues with looking at feet.

This is the page for OMG GROOOOOOSSS pictures of the peeeeeeeeling and molting feet.


Feb. 5th, 2010 07:16 am
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My hair is doing a bit better after good conditioning. I am, however, in "fuck it, why not look crazy?" mode for work today. I'm totally rocking the do-rag over hair/rag/wraps and pretending it's my kicky fashion style...dude. I'm teaching 2nd graders. Who are they to judge?

Hopefully this should do it for tonight and secure me as a regular on the Istanbul rotation.

I've also corosponded with everyone's favorite crazy stylist, Momo, and we're arranging a time I can come over, get some gig styling advice and order beauty/hair products from her catalogues. Momo did my hair and make-up for my first photoshoot (The Nam shoot...the coin set...) and that helped me understand make-up in ways nothing else has...hopefully she can to the same for quick hairdos.

In honor of my rag, I present grandmother. Grandmother was usually so carefully turned out in photos...but she obviously had her "fuck it" days too.The fuckit days of beauty prep. )
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My hair needs help, stat.

In the last half a year I’ve transitioned to washing my hair less often, using a Lush shampoo bar and a simple diluted cider vinegar rinse(and I rarely blow-dry it) and up until now it worked. Right now my hair is a dry, unfun, mess. It’s not tangled, but that’s about all that can be said for it.

I don’t think I would have realized it on my own. Winter isn’t a time that I pay too much attention to the critical voices in my head about how I look (either out of realization that the voices are harsher in winter or apathy…you decide)…Elina mentioned it.

Elina is booking for the three Istanbul restaurants now. I answered Monday’s emergency party call (placed the night before) and it went fairly well (minus getting caught in snow/rain). Elina called last night to see if I could perform at Istanbul, Shinjuku this Friday.

She had two caveats, one about music choice and the other about my hair.

She asked if I could pick up the tempo and swap out one of the slower songs for one more like one used near the end. The staff had commented and she’d agreed. It wasn’t a surprise, nor do I disagree. I’d felt, when dancing, that I’d been pushing the slow envelope beyond its limits. I’d known that might be an issue when I’d put together my set for Ancyra, but that I hadn’t wanted to overdo the speed my first few gigs back…it had worked for Ancyra but not for Istanbul and I’d felt it and had been ready to change two songs from the set.

And the hair? Could I do something…umm…more with it?  Costume great, make-up great, dancing great but could be a bit more…tired. She really wants to be booking me regularly but…hair.

I objected at first, due to the snow and rain…but then I took a long look at my hair. It’s not looking like the healthy long hair I don’t have to do much with to look sexy (which, when it is good, it does), it looks frazzled. She’s right; it’s not matching the rest of the package.

I appreciate that she came right out and told me. I bristled at first but also realized that I’d much prefer feedback to simply being dropped from a gig, no answers. I like knowing what is working and what isn’t and I feel good that the music comment made sense to me and fit with how I’d felt about it.

So, after work I’ll catch the train to Otakanomori shopping center and hit Lush for a hair pack for tonight and a light conditioner for when the rinses aren’t enough. I’ll check out the Loft/Bic camera/Donkihote for hot rollers, for times when it would be helpful to have them in while I tend to my make-up. I’ll also hit a fabric store for some stretchy terry-cloth fabric for experimenting with “fun hair wraps” I can do and wear while teaching and unwrap for curls in the evening.

I think that’s about all I can do right now. After the call last night I worried and fixated and such and then realized “That’s unproductive SAD circle-thinking…turn off the downloaded LOST, get to bed and get a good night’s sleep, and things will be manageable in the morning and you can watch Lost while prepping the gig bag and such tomorrow.”

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Stinkor, one of the worst He-Man toys ever, came up in on-line conversation today.

The best review I found of Stinkor:

Stinkor made his first appearance in 1985 as a villian in the "Masters of The Universe" toy line. The "Evil Master of Odors" had a distinct gimmick, which was that when you opened his packaging, the little bastard ACTUALLY SMELLED LIKE SHIT.

I don't know why anyone at Mattel ever thought this was a good idea, but Stinkor actually sold pretty well, and Moms even purchased me my own Stinkor action figure back when I was about 6 or 7. I don't know what I was expecting, but when I ripped open his plastic casing, I was assaulted by a wave of Stinkor's foul stench, and promptly buried him in the back yard.

The writer found out, as did I, this lovely fact...which I checked anc checked after finding on WikiMedia because ti seemed too good to be true.

Stinkor's long-lasting smell comes from mixing patchouli oil into the plastic


And for geeks, Stinkor was one of only three scented toys Mattel produced (the other were Moss Man and Perfuma from the She-ra line).


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 Sometimes I long for brutal machines.


When I have severe sinus congestions and the neti-pot barely makes a difference, I imagine using something similar to a water pick attached to a household vacuum cleaner. It’s a do-it-yourself mental creation that would no doubt collapse my sinus cavity and do irreparable harm if real.


Last night, trying to fall asleep, I became aware of the thick mess of petrified skin on the soles of my feet. My feet hurt. I wear dance sandals when I perform, but when I practice I don’t…and not all my shoes are practical.


I kept imagining two flexible sanding disks mounted at the foot of my bed. As I lay awake I imagined them reaching forward and blasting the layers of dead skin they found.


This would also be a terrible idea.

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I saw a rhinestone blinged cold mask today.

Surprised, in retrospect, that this was my first sighting of one..Japan is Japan and all.
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I turned the corner at Don Quixote today and came face to face with a giant display of nail decorating products, each proudly marked with the brand name JEWNAIL.

Little bottles and canisters all lined up...

And I wondered what the hell they thought they were proclaiming with the name.

It was only later, at home, that I realized... "Oooooooh! It's a contraction of Jewel and Nail...of COURSE!"

And while searched for pictures of this product I found soemthing ubbber creepy for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans.

Who wouldn't want an Eva Suit puffy vest?

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We'll package it like beer for kids! Who could object to that?

ReadyMade readers will be amused that "Children's Beverage" is still for sale. I am not ready to taste it yet.

(shown in special spring packaging, it usually looks more beer-like)

Vag Bags

May. 27th, 2008 06:52 pm
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Thanks, [ profile] evilegg, thanks a lot for bringing these to my attention.

Vulva Bags!

May I say, if I catch any of you guys spending hundreds on pussy purses I am gonna beat you senseless. And I like crotches!

To quote the site:

"Each has sumptuous fabric labia and a beautiful button clitoris.
A Velvet V might become your everyday bag; it might always stay on your altar; or it might be acquired for special occasions. (One of the first Velvet Vs I made was part of the bridal trousseau of a close friend of mine.) Naturally, what you put in your Velvet V can have tremendous symbolic and magickal significance"

What you put in your Velvet V can also trigger a yeast infection, I'm just saying...that pouch was never meant to store keys and such. I find the idea of storing every day items in a vulva sort of...anti-vag. I can't speak to your vagina, no matter how much you might want me to, but my vagina sure as hell wasn't intended for storing extra stuff.  If we're ever at a club and you want to ditch your jacket I'm not going to put your wallet in my "purse" don't even ask. And, vaginas usually aren't in a position to hold stuff:Gravity vs. Kegels... gravity is eventually gonna win.

"You can never have too many vulvas!"

I'm actually thinking one is enough for my daily needs! I'm also thinking of a Mr. Show skit.

The worst thing is that, like many hand crafted items I look at, my first thought is "I could make it."

My second thought is "...and make it better....with teeth."
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Unzen Lemonade! Look for the bottle with the Tori Amos female impersonator!

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Today, I received a package from local photographer and regular blog reader, Charlie K. I was expecting it, but it was also a nice surprise.

Inside were 10 copies of a DVD that he'd made for me. The DVD has the clips from my Gamuso art show opening that he'd posted on You Tube all in one place. No new clips, but clips that I can now watch on a larger screen. This means that I can send a copy to family members who are curious and give copies to the other performers. Dean Mommy's birthday is the day after The Afet Collective show.

Because Charlie K is a blog reader and knows all about my struggles to stay warm and protect my ankles, he also included a pair of leg warmers and a packet of bath salts. Thanks Charlie!

Now, about the bath salts.

The plastic window on the package allowed me to clearly see the mineral salts and the dried rose petals. It reminded me of those rose bath bombs you can get at Lush. As you should know, Lush makes the best damned bath bombs, but those rose petal ones? They're a fucking bitch to clean up after.

I decided to draw a bath while waiting for my spinach-mushroom strata to bake.

First, I would like to say how much I value the fact that my Japanese bathtub beeps at me when it is full, so I can do other things while drawing my bath. I wish my bath had the re-cycle re-heating powers of Wataguy's bath, but oh, well.

I got in the bath, with my baggy of salts and petals.

I was once more confronted with Japanese design ideas, the sort I fell in love with before coming here.

The back and front of the baggy peels open to reveal a perforated plastic baggy, sort of a tea-bag for your bath salts. The mineral salts dissolve, the rose petals effervesces, and you don't ruin your bath high by having to clean your tub!


P.S. in package news, Bea can expect her mystery package in the next couple of weeks.


Nov. 25th, 2007 12:58 pm
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It's the tiny little design choices that increase your quality of life. Rarely do you realize how much you have relied on design to give you information until it is taken away from you.

This morning, while bending over in the shower to squint at Wataguy's selection of shower products, I realized that I hate it when hair-product manufacturers use the same color/design/and bottle shape for their shampoo and conditioners. When I take off my glasses and step into the shower I loose so much visual information it is insane.  If put in a foreign environment (a hotel or apartment shower that is not my own) it takes a while for me to be able to easily navigate shower routines. Seriously, my Aveda conditioner comes in a squeeze tube and my Aveda shampoo in a more conventional bottle shape and that means in the morning I don't have to squint at the words to tell what is what.

The little things.
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I'm a little sniffly today, so on my way home this morning I stop to buy some tissue packs. Sure, I could just wait to be given tissue packs by random people on the street (advertising via tissue packs is huge here) but I value my nose and will not allow it to be abused by cheap tissue.

In the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store I noticed a new type of tissue.

Coffee scented.

I thought about buying it to report back to you ( much like I debate buying the personal oxygenated air canisters that come in unscented and with coffee scent at one of my local 7-11's) but I passed. I still remember the three packs of coffee bath salts I bought one time on sale. At home I realized why they where on sale. Who really wants brownish bathwater? Who really wants brownish tissue imbued with a slight coffee scent? So I passed
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In Japan stores occasionally push a new product, or a flagging one, by giving you a free (regular or mini-size) one as a "service" gift when you purchase something.

It's not widely promoted by signs or anything  so it's usually a surprise to me when a sales woman smiles and slips an extra item into my bag, or brings me a small item to eat, and says "sa-bisu desu.:"

Today was more surprising than usual. I'd stopped by the Benetton by the dance studio and purchased a black linen dress to help me cope with the summer...Oh! Service Time!...and then I saw what my "service" item was. I did remark "What a strange service item!!!" to the nice lady.

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Time for a fan favorite:

What deadly drink does the 7-11 have for me tonight?

At first I thought, Deadly Snowberry Drink, you will not fool me twice!! But then I looked again. This clearly read Strawberry, not snowberry, and no mention of yogurt flavors. Okay, My Lovely the basket you go.

It should be noted that the Japanese above "My Lovely Strawberry" does not actually read, "My Lovely Strawberry". It reads "Strawberry Confession" I assumed that the confession implied was "I'm a girlie-ass drunk!" but I was wrong. The confession, as far as I can surmise (now that I have partaken of the beverage) is thus:

My life is a lie. All those nights I ate dinner with you and praised your cooking, a lie. You see, I was born without taste buds...but I've never been able to tell you this, as food is so important to you, but when you see me drink'll know.
But wait, there's more )
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I am not a huge fan of fruity drinks. But, alas, I am a sucker for random shiny cans of alcohol in Japanese convenience stores. I like to think of it as Dada, for my tummy. I ingest the random.

"Ooohh, you  new, shiny, and come home with me, kay?"

Which is why two nights ago I drank this:
An accurate color. )


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