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This is the image I could not include in my textbook post because I left it at work:

And then there is this image in One World Kids...all the kids within have survived the crisis of infinite worlds and are suspicious of recent moves by the publishers to return to the multi-world universe of English teaching....but I digress.

It's to be used for counting and asking "How many X can you find?" but I like to think of it as Poor Urban Planning: The World's Worst Zoo
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Today we celebrate a new tag in my journal...the Warning-san tag.

Every once in a while I commemorate a friendship, a co-worker, or a nasty bitch on the train with his/her own tag. Today is Warning-san's lucky day.

Warning-san suffered Japanese lessons  at the UWMadison along with me. We spent an inordinate time giggling at lewd hand-gestures and making up stories for the crudely drawn visual aids used by our teaching assistants.  This bond was only made stronger by the fact that we both worked part time at the snarkiest video store in Madison where we studied our flash cards, competitively watched Japanese films, entertained ourselves, speculated on the lives of customers and co-workers and giggled at lewd hand gestures. I'm told that Warning-san may have actually provided polite service to customers. That is evidenced by the fact that no one ever put a note in the suggestion box about how we should "Fire the bastard with black/pink/blond hair"....The bitch with red hair and glasses....well...there was a suggestion that I might not have provided the best of service.

This tag is also being made as I start thinking more seriously about going to Turkey. I've got my first travel book, amd talking to people for recommendations, and am figuring out what time I can take off...and starting to campaign Warning-san to join me.  I think Warning-san is the most compatible travel partner I know...although I hestitate to tell many of our travel stories because they generally start out with shared lofty ideas about the culture we want to explore, and  then spiral down into banality via soft serve, new shoe dances, video rentals, and then deep into immaturity by way of running around zen gardens to see all 15 rocks and break the mystical code,  cursing the Germans,  samurai theme parks and general freak-outs where department store ladies are involved.

So, Warning-san, come to Turkey!
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I am translating what will be a brilliant and terrifying English class
lesson plan for the 6th graders.

Balloon animals.

As I translate I think of the sins of my past, namely that short phase in
childhood that I insisted on learning how to make balloon animals. I would
like to apologize to any relatives to suffered my squeakers and pops...I
think I insisted on blowing and tying in the backseat of a long ride to
Wausau WI.

At first I thought of the hell of 30 students squeaking, tying, and popping.

And then I realized what would be the hellish part of this: 6th grade boys
snickering as I demonstrate how to pull the balloon to soften it before

This is also in-life karma. Warning-san and I giggled way too long one sunny
day as our cute Japanese teaching assistant explained that carrots use the
"bon,pon" counting suffix because "Carrots are long"...while making the
international "whacking off" hand gesture. For at least a year "ninjin ha
nagai desu" (excuse the romanji, lj mail posts don't allow kanji) made us
giggle and we thought of designing shirts. Ten bucks says he's smiling at
the I will suffer the giggles of 13 year old boys.
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When Warning was here I remember telling him about some of the websites of tattoo artists that I didn't think would be me friendly, including one that looked like it was run  for Yaks.

This is it. Remember, Yakuza dress like your crazy aunt and uncle, not like stylish creatures.

ETA; I think that what little traffic my post caused may have crippled the pages.
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Thursday I woke up early and took an assortment of decongestants and antihistamines for the day. Half my head seems to be full of something nasty.
Warning-san is here, and after a night of sleep he was more of less the human Warning that I know.
Thursday morning we both realized just how much sightseeing we had shoved into one week the first time he’d visited: gardens (Zen and sakura), Kyoto, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Meji shrine, Sword museum, Asakusa, Tiny bars, Expensive bars, cultural shows, performances in Ueno by the peace shrine, video stores, Samurai land, Akihabara (specifically the massage chairs)...
Warning-san didn’t have any idea what he wanted to see this time. If it was his first time and he pulled this, I’d be pissed, but this is different: Japan is just a three day stop before work in Thailand. The money and brain effort goes to Thailand.
We decided on Kamakura to see the big-ass Buddha and shrines and whatnot. Yokohama had been something we’d tried to see the first time and would be on our way back. I figured that after we saw the big-Buddha and a temple we could officially say we’d seen something and then could fuck-around by ear and laugh at clothing styles.
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The way back machine presents Warning-San and Buggirl, intoxicated in 2000/2001? Back in the day we may have used the same off-the-shelf black haircolor, who knows?

God, short hair was cute and easy. I also miss being able to see in contacts.
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I recently wrote about some of my memories from working at the caustic video store. One of those memories will be coming to Japan soon! I like visits from people I haven't slept with! Warning-San is coming to Japan on his way to being an intern in some law firm in Thailand. He should land around 3:30 today (Weds). He’ll only be here for three days and is crashing with me, I’ve taken a day off tomorrow.
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For reasons I can only guess at, there were three sheets of paper in with my mother's care-envelope today. Two pages were of a skit-script I helped write for my 3rd semester of Japanese class. We had a four person western skit, with me as the annoying bar-girl. We were good enough to get ample praise but not so good as to have to perform for all the lecture classes...which was our goal. Over-achievers had to act in front of everyone.

I will not reprint any of the skit here, but I just wanted to shout out to Warning-san who also lived through this and, due to needing to integrate newly learned verb-forms and grammar, was part of a group that had to speak such sentances as:

"Mr. Warning's mother taught me how to gamble"
"When you talk about my mom, you'd better use the polite form!"
"Excuse me, may I smoke here?" (pretty polite for a goddamned cowboy)
"I can drink ten beers, but I prefer whiskey. JD Whiskey, please


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