Dec. 21st, 2004

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TBS, part two.


I think I left off with the panties. One obsessive reader asked how I knew they were hand-crafted panties. I can’t put it into words but there is a certain lack of store bought tags (or tag remnants) in combination with simple uniformity and types of stitches that tip one off to if an item is store-bought or custom made. All four of us investigated the panties in question and we all agreed; store bought bras, individually crafted panties, skirts, and veils.


We kept no parts of the costume and thus I will not be cashing in on the lucrative on-line or local used panty trade…I have my own Japanese school-girl uniform from my high school job and if I had wanted to go into the used clothing fetish market I would have already done so….which reminds me of the time I left my backpack on the train and it got lifted and thus I lost one dance costume, one Lomo, an electronic dictionary, a copy of Wuthering Heights, and my keys*…my dear friend Kazu and his wife put me up for the night…but Kazu was less than helpful when he kept saying that I would probably not ever get my belongings back because there was probably some pervert, sitting at home, wearing my costume and slathering himself with peanut butter….but I’m getting off topic.

Part Two, continues... )


*As off last night, all items lost were finally replaced. Thank you Wataguy. Lomogirl still enjoys her quirky lomoboy.


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There were some problematic aspects in regards to our camera rehearsals.


They hearded the Poppy Sprites, wearing tiny black indoor slippers, to the sound stage once more. On the way there ladies stopped us to tell us how sexy and cute we are. I kept using my Japanese catch phrase of “Oh, you MUST be joking!” The large Gaijin were all in one group and we wee ones were in another, colder, huddle. Every once in a while a costume lady would accost me, with no warning, to adjust my ass. This caused me to worry that I had more ass than they had planned for, as if being the dancing white torso wasn’t making me feel a little self conscious. And then they divided us into two pairs and took us behind…the HEAD.


Part Three, TBS. )

The Wait

Dec. 21st, 2004 04:25 pm
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I’m a little drowsy and I didn’t take notes on Friday. I suspect if I checked the schedule I would learn that we had two long periods of waiting and that I have compressed them into one for simplicity in writing and remembering. Suffice to say that there was a great deal of waiting going on in the cold, cold, Gaijin ghetto. I think the total time spent waiting was 3-4 hours.

TBS Japan, part 4. )


Occasionally, while we waited, young Japanese children would run up, look at us, and run away. I think I made a mother blush when I asked her child, in good Japanese, to please not ogle the gaijin. A few older women also approached me. The good thing about the few people who assume I do not speak Japanese is that they often inadvertently entertain me with a strange language of hand gestures and noises. One old woman thought I looked right sexy and kept grabbing at her own chest and hips to illustrate her point while making noises intended to convey the concept of large, sexy, and/or swelling. After the long wait and the obscenely grunting and miming lady, I was no longer feeling self conscious about my bare belly undulating around on TBS Japan. I had been assimilated in a scene stranger than I had imagined.


Show time!


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Well, I know you're all just dying to meet the female cast of my latest adventure... and to see the costumes... and to judge if I really do have a bizzaro silent screen thing going on when I put on a shit-load of behind the cut you will find pictures of your favorite gaijin elementary school teacher, #4, Claudia, and the stunning Circus girl. I'm posting them all because I'm never gonna look this much like a silent screen glamour-shot gal again.

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