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Nothing is yet confirmed.

But I might be taking my first step toward that dream/nightmare in which I am a brightly colored gaijin on some asinine Japanese television show. I’ll know more after tonight.

I got an e-mail from my dance teacher today asking if I might be interested in dancing in the background of some TV show. It would take up a whole Friday and I’d get about 400$ for it. She stressed that nothing is yet a sure thing…. The fact that she emailed ME tipped me off that this was a probably gaijin specific (non-Japanese, probably white) gig. I’m not her best student but I am one of the white ones. I should be worried, gaijin appearing on Japanese TV for usually serve three purposes, to educate, to be exotic, and to be laughed at...most are there for the last reason. Gaijin belly dancers? I’m betting we won’t be educating. It’s luck of the draw if we’re gonna be exotic or extra-funny.

Not knowing which TV show, or even network, I said“Fuck Ya!”

She just called and the other 3 glow-in-the-dark honkies (Japanese readers: Honkies are white ) and I will be having a meeting with some guy from the network after the Cozmos event tonight.
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