Aug. 31st, 2012 10:25 pm
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I miss Reyhan.

I'll write about Istanbul, soon, i've just had to catch-up with some real-life dance and work stuff.

Tonight I was working on a new Roma Style class choreography…and making sense of my Reyhan-lesson notes. A lot of footwork notes…a lot.

This month's choreo will be less emotionally intense than Anako. I found a version of Limoncu I want to use and, well, that's basically about drinking and fun times.

In Istanbul I studied with Reyhan five times, the first two times with Mekyria.

The second to last time with Reyhan got a bit emotional. When the call to prayer started, we'd sit for a bit and quietly reflect. After it stopped that day, Reyhan started to complement me…a lot. More than I could handle. She told me how she thought I really understood the dance, and how happy she was to watch me dance, and how beautiful I am…and more. I started getting overwhelmed and tearing up. That was when Reyhan also started getting tears and just came over and hugged me and talked at me, quickly, In Turkish words I couldn't understand…except güzel .

This was after that. As you can see, I was pretty exhausted…and that's the color of my skin AFTER I've been outside a lot. AFTER! My skin makes new appliances feel dirty.

Today, while I was practicing, I got a FB message from Text. Reyhan loves the FB and the google translate.

"I MÄ°SS you so much very beautiful"

Which made me feel all warm.

This is the photo I know Reyhan would RATHER I post, because she got her hair cut the next day. When I showed up she put on lipstick and asked if I could take some photos of the new 'do. It does make her look even cuter and younger.


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