Jan. 12th, 2012

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Today I start teaching at Eva-belly in Matsudo on Thursday nights. I will teach a 45min basics/intro class (no choreos) and a one hour Oriental class (Beg/Int. level, and it will involve combos and chores as  get a sense for the class level). I've been teaching three Saturday classes there since September and will continue to do so.

For the month of January I will also be teaching my two Tuesday classes in Tokyo, but this will be the final month for that due to the long commute and low student numbers. I am leaving with the Tokyo studio owner's best wishes..and that same owner will also start teaching in Matsudo so we'll get to see each other more.

I broke the news to my one loyal Tokyo-location student and she got teary eyed…but I reminded her that I am not leaving Japan in March, so she gets to keep me as a teacher, that she lives near me and makes the same commute I've been making, that I will be available to do privates, and I may add Zills and Drills to the Thursday night line-up once my Tokyo obligations are up.

So, now to finish planning for tonight's classes. I'm a little behind because I forgot I had a hair appointment last night when I was planning to dance prep and my day job has been busy. Wish me luck. I'm excited to see how different my teaching energy is without the one hour commute and I look forward to getting home at 8:45/9:00 instead of 11:30.


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