Jan. 15th, 2012


Jan. 15th, 2012 09:41 pm
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Before I went to America, H of the Matsudo studio was asking what everyone was asking...would I be staying in Japan or not.

I told H that if I stayed at the studio, one thing needed to be fixed...she looked worried and then burst out laughing when I told her that the horrible curtains would have to go. I was, of course, dead serious. We've got a sad assortment of 100yen shop curtains, shower curtains, and "someone took curtains from their last job" curtains in what is a lovely studio.

I was in Ikea today. I resisted some fabric choices that would have been totally me, but maybe not really studio appropriate. My first choice for studio ok fabrics for the curtains was this:

But it's 999yen a meter. Cheap, but when you'll end up using meter and meter of it and I want to keep things on the cheap...I'd texted H and showed her some fabrics and she was excited, but she's having a rough time in Osaka right now and admited that the pictures were her best news all day...

so I picked up ten meters of a cheaper fabric, marked down to 399yen a meter and being phased out, but there's still bolts of it.

It's not perfect but it's worlds better than what we've got up and it will actually fit the windows. I made two set of curtains for the windows and dressing room. I'll see how they look in the studio in the next few days and see if I should pick up more fabric for the odder sized things with curtains. This is my Christmas gift to H.


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