Feb. 6th, 2012

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I can’t remember the last time I was actually in bed and stayed
indoors for six days due to illness. At the start of it I remember
thinking “This will pass quickly and then I will be a bad person and
use the rest of the sick days they’ve ordered me to take to do things
I want to do!” No such luck. Even with a new dressform sitting in my
craft area begging to be wrapped and padded, the most I managed to do
was to prop myself up on pillows and do some embroidery on the
never-ending crazy quilt while watching fine TV like REVENGE !!!
Argh!!! Hamptons Batman!...sorry.

Madeline Stowe on REVENGE is making me want to take my hair a shade or
two darker…never mind that I will never have those cheekbones nor will
I ever be bothered to do nice, huge, barrel curls in the morning.

I’ve got most of my health back. I still cough a bit. This was the
first morning I managed to do morning yoga, prior to today any deep
breath in was followed by phlegm and lung-bits out..

I am back at city hall. I was hoping for my supervisor’s help figuring
out my modified schedule of make-up days for being sick…but my
supervisor is out for the week with Type A Influenza. Poor guy. When
he took me to the clinic a week ago I did apologize for the fact that
he’d probably wind up with the flu from being in a car with Eimily and
I the day before we both started getting sick.

This is my first month of NOT taking the train into Tokyo every
Tuesday. I’m excited! I’ll be getting back 8 hours a month of time if
you just factor in the time on trains…16-19 hours a month if you also
figure in the time teaching and being at the studio. Recently Joe
spent an hour on the trains headed to a studio to talk about the
prospective of teaching there. She then called me and told me she had
a whole new respect for exactly how much energy and cash it took for
me to get to her studio and back every Tuesday and thanked me. I’m
glad we’ve wrapped up my teaching on very good terms.

My goals for this week are just to ease back into some yoga, I don’t
have the lungs to work out beyond that, and rest. I have
entry-bellydance and basic bellydance on Thursday night, a meeting on
Friday about the Yael Zarca show next month, and my usual three
classes on Saturday. My Saturday classes are gearing up for the studio
recital on Sunday the 12th.

Looking at what I typed above, yes, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
night have to be for taking it easy and cooking after work. I need a
massage once I know I can be prone for long periods of time without
coughing. Next week I can start planning new combinations for my

While unable to eat real food…somehow I ended up on-line looking at
bento boxes. I now have a new bento box shaped like a pink bear
(http://en.bentoandco.com/products/bento-zoony my pink bear is not
available on this page, I ordered in-country for another vendor) and a
stacking bento that can hold liquids
(http://en.bentoandco.com/products/tower-lunchbox ) so I can go for a
single yogurt container or build them up. I found items I liked on
this site and then did Japanese searches for them.

So, today I have a bento with: Carrot salad, green pea burgers, quinoa
bean salad and yogurt. I’ve grown bored of my tupperwear lunches and
am exploring new lunch-combinations. Sunday afternoon I made more soup
stock to freeze in my ice-boxes to up the yum/health factors of my
many rice-quinoa-bulgar based salads.


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