Apr. 10th, 2012

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I'm very happy to be asking my doctor, this Saturday, for some blood tests because I shouldn't be this tired.

I have bought myself two early, healthy, birthday gifts:

A new, to me, fridge. For someone who cooks items from scratch daily and who stores items for my daily bentos, I have a really shity refridgerator...although most people who have seen pictures of my kitchen call it "cute". My current fridge doesn't come up to my chest and is only slightly wider than my hips. I am 5'4"/162cm.. It is 12 years old and a few weeks ago one of the shelves in it broke, giving me even less storage. This Sunday it gets recycled and in its place will be one that is only 5 years old and comes up to my shoulders and is slightly wider.

And on my birthday (should) start my 8 week trial membership in a CSA. I should be getting a weekly container of fruits and veggies (and 6 eggs) from local CSA farms. This is part of why I needed a newer fridge. I know CSA food bins are notorious cooking challenges. I think I'm up for it.


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