Jun. 4th, 2012

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Ibaraki show report.

It was a good weekend, but I desperately want the conference room to empty of people using it so I can nap.

The week was busy (hair appointments, teaching dance, shrink visit, visiting my ex to get my apartment lease renewal forms signed) on top of costume and show prep. Friday night I bowed out of work-drinks and fell past asleep. The iron pills are working but sometimes I’m still just draiiiined. Saturday, after two classes, I fell asleep on the studio floor. Another teacher volunteered to teach the beginner beginner class and I took her up on

Sunday I packed everything and headed up to Mito in Ibaraki. It’s not a bad trip because I can catch a limited express with reserved seats at a nearby station…triple the ticket price but it cuts an hour off the ride, making it only a 65 minute trip.

The show was for Farasha’s workshops up there, sponsored by Megu Omshanti. Megu had seen me dance last year, liked what she saw, but had previously worried about the language barrier because she doesn’t speak English. This year we did the Karim Nagi show together and she enjoyed being back stage with me and realized the language issue wouldn’t be a problem…she contacted me soon after to ask me to dance.

The turnout wasn’t great, about 2/3rd what the place could easily hold, but Megu decided not to cancel because she really wanted to see the show and to make people in that area more aware of me, Farasha, and others to improve the chance of doing more workshops later on. She’s interested in having me teach Turkish style up there in the future and for me to participate in some northern festivals.

Megu and I had a nice meeting when I got there about all of this. It was one of those times when I realized that, yes, I can have discussions in Japanese that I used to fret over or stumble through.

Then Farasha and two of her students turned up. Farasha and I haven’t done a show together in ages, mostly we meet at workshops. It was amazing to see her. We talked on and off the whole time about our journey in dance and how far it is we’ve come and what’s going on with us and those we care about. We hugged often.

And I think she talked me into making her some halters.

We got to watch rehearsals. There was a Russian dancer, Elinga who runs Rose of Cairo studio in Mito. http://roseofcairo.com/ She was just stunning with her Modern Egyptian style and I loved the heck out of her students. She needs to be better known outside of Mito. Farasha was encouraging her to apply to the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition as a Pro and to get her students to also apply as “up-and-coming” or “beginners” Her students also included a GOOD male bellydancer: well costumed, great posture, modest, and solid technique and performance skills with amazing growth potential. I’ll admit, there are stunning male dancers out there but I sometimes grow tired of over-praised so-so or cringe-worthy male dancers.

I also got to see a range of fun Russian costumes I don’t usually get to see outside of pictures on Bhuz. I really wanted to simply grab a few and run….like her crazy orchid costume: http://roseofcairo.jugem.jp/

Farasha performed as beautifully as ever. Modern Egyptian, lovely veils, drum-solo with students and fusion with students and Megu (who is a fusion dancer who works heavily with fire, poi, crystal balls and such in a way I like.) Farasha joked about how infrequently people get to see, or even know of, her tribal fusion stuff anymore…she called it her rare “b-side”. We agreed that it’s like me busting out my Balkan cabaret stuff, which I think I’ve only done once this year.

Farasha’s students performed a Maleya Leif duet and then worked with her on a drumsolo and the fusion section.

Megu worked with fire, poi,and those crystal balls (trust me…it was artistic and entertaining and did not give me juggler/hippy scene flashbacks. I found it very calming.)

I performed two songs in Turkish Roma-inspired style and garb and then combed out my hair and changed into a Bella for some oriental-style with ZILLS ZILLS ZILLS…covering all my own bases on “what you might like to learn from me in the future.” I’m very happy that a student I’ve had in a Matsudo workshop was there…so even in Ibaraki, I get a few butts in seats

I feel great about the whole experience, although I wish we’d gotten some shots of us all in our first or second stage costumes because I’d like to have some in-action documentation of the 25 yard skirt I made and proof of the level of style transformation of me and Farasha between sets. I’ve got a few pictures I’ll post here later…the same few I have on FB, showing some lovely and happy ladies (and one guy).

Farasha, LUV HUH!

She said some very very very encouraging and nearly tear-inducing things to me about my growth as a dancer in the last few years.

I do wish we’d not been so knackered and could have stayed to drink and eat with Meg.

I came home and slept very very well.

Tonight is dedicated to cleaning house and cooking.

I have the week off from teaching dance so I can be fully prepared for the live show with Artemis on Saturday and well rested for her workshops. A few of my students will be attdneing the Saturday workshops and the show…which is also why there will be no Saturday classes…so we can all LEARN FROM ARTIE.

This week I have rehearsals with the band. The band leader is all calm because the number of seats we needed to fill got filled

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