Jul. 2nd, 2012

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Ok, now I am getting HELLA excited about my upcoming travels.

I’m trying to save money in this last month before I go. Last month was a killer with renewing my apartment lease (in which I had to pay twice my usual rent…and it was the first wave of local taxes AND Artemis week) which means I have been spending evenings making stuff from my stash. I can now go two work-weeks in a row without repeating a single homemade skirt. My big summer travel wardrobe plan is to make sure each of the skirt I pack has at least one simple un-printed t-shirt/top I can wear with it and a few good accessories that work with it all. The skirts are modest enough that I can travel anywhere in them and fun enough that I won’t feel like I have a travel uniform...although I totally do.

Also to kill time and money I’m cooking like crazy and am back to working out. I figure it behooves me to be in my best possible shape for travel as I will be taking 4 days of workshops in Belgium at RAKS BE and I want to focus on private lessons in Istanbul (and last time I walked so much in Istanbul my legs were shot by the time I got to lessons).

And as I said, I’l have had another round of blood tests and results before I travel to make sure my iron issues don’t add to my travel fatigue…and my shrink also promises Ambien for my flights and jet lag. Most OTC sleeping pills don’t work for me and I have difficulty falling asleep in a seated position.


In Belgium I’ll first stay with Khalida...(Khalida? Can you believe it? We meet at last ) and then, after rest, sight seeing and maybe some lessons…I head to a hotel for RAKS BE! And then I get to see and study from Artemisia (who I met in person a few years ago in Las Vegas AND Seatle) Elisa Gamal (who I know from my once once-yearly trips to Seattle) and Delanna (totally new to me) and do the RAKS stuff, including a hafla, with RAKS people and dancers.

Then it is off to Istanbul! This is the part I’m now working on.

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