Jan. 21st, 2012 06:25 pm
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I'm trying to quickly make use of my extra scraps from projects. I still have another curtain to make for Eva-belly, but from scraps too small for that (and from scraps from a yellow curtain I made for the studio kitchen) I made some new zippered covers for three throw pillows in my bedroom.
Pictures. )
And I bought The Colette Sewing Handbook and look forward to making more skirts and...hopefully...dresses this spring. I am very happy with the book's approach to sewing as a process and a lifestyle.


Jan. 17th, 2012 04:55 pm
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Before...and this doesn't even show how horrible those curtains are:

Step by step I make more pretty! )


Jan. 15th, 2012 09:41 pm
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Before I went to America, H of the Matsudo studio was asking what everyone was asking...would I be staying in Japan or not.

I told H that if I stayed at the studio, one thing needed to be fixed...she looked worried and then burst out laughing when I told her that the horrible curtains would have to go. I was, of course, dead serious. We've got a sad assortment of 100yen shop curtains, shower curtains, and "someone took curtains from their last job" curtains in what is a lovely studio.

I was in Ikea today. I resisted some fabric choices that would have been totally me, but maybe not really studio appropriate. My first choice for studio ok fabrics for the curtains was this:

But it's 999yen a meter. Cheap, but when you'll end up using meter and meter of it and I want to keep things on the cheap...I'd texted H and showed her some fabrics and she was excited, but she's having a rough time in Osaka right now and admited that the pictures were her best news all day...

so I picked up ten meters of a cheaper fabric, marked down to 399yen a meter and being phased out, but there's still bolts of it.

It's not perfect but it's worlds better than what we've got up and it will actually fit the windows. I made two set of curtains for the windows and dressing room. I'll see how they look in the studio in the next few days and see if I should pick up more fabric for the odder sized things with curtains. This is my Christmas gift to H.


Jan. 13th, 2012 10:02 pm
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The skirts I've made....they are the hit of the elementary school I'm at right now.

Teachers found me to see what I was wearing today because they'd heard about my awesome bike-skirt from the kids...and today's drunken skeletons did not disappoint.

And I didn't even bust out the woodland creatures yet!

I will neither confirm nor deny that I stoped at a fabric store today on the way back from my shrink.


Jan. 9th, 2012 09:29 pm
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I still need to hem it but I feel good about having made a muslin of a skirt pattern I think I drafted, um, 4 years ago, adjusted as needed, theaded the serger...

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Ok. So I haven't stopped sewing yet.

Skirt and skulls behind the cut. )
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It's really dangerous for me to have made a simple skirt pattern that works for a meter of fabric. It makes resisting fabrics very hard.

I've also taken to, once i've made an object, cutting the leftovers into 5cm strips so I can eventually make another scrap busting funquilt.

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I was tired last night, the result of duet rehearsals (I have 3 workshops, 3 classes and a show this weekend).

But, apparently not to tired to stash bust based on my train iPad doodle. It isn't perfect but it will do the trick.

Totting stuff bag )
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Yes. I seem to have accumulated a ton of cotton leftover scraps.

It's actually much brighter in person but I took the picture at night with mixed lighting types.
I have three more squares laid out that still need the strips sewn together...then comes top-stitching. 4 squares are all topsticthed but that leaves 16 to go. Audible. Game of Thrones books. Thank you.

The chairs behind the quilt? I'd say the most frequent fabric in the quilt came from the left over fabric from when I made those cushion covers.

I will has quilt to banish the darkness of winter...and possibly induce fits.
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In an attempt to clean over the last few days I started madly stashbusting...which means my craft room is a mess but that I'm a bit more myself.
Quilts? Maybe? )


Nov. 29th, 2010 10:01 pm
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A parade of cute fabrics behind the cut...and teh filthy shop.
On, Echino fabrics, I love yoooou. )
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It should be noted that I am a self-taught crafter. I didn’t come from a sewing home. Sewing, knitting, and the existence of God were just things we didn’t talk about at the table. If you wanted to know about such things, you learned them in on the street, thank you.

 It should also be noted that had I had the patience for learning about sewing and knitting at a young age I had AMAZING resources to do so. Both of my grandmothers were quite crafty. Grandma Christina sewed many of the toys and dresses of my youth and Grandma Leah (although having some issues in regards to colors and yarn quality) was a technically strong knitter…but I didn’t have the patience when I was young enough to learn from them.

 My mother has taken up knitting as my craft bubble has expanded here in Japan but it didn’t come easily. In her own words:

 Watching me knit is more fun than TV. I think I am in the category once called Educable Mentally Retarded when it comes to skills needing hand-eye coordination. The synapses have no interest in connecting and go off doing other things.”

Her early adventures in learning to use to the sewing machines (yes, multiples) I left at the house involved trips to the machine shop where the staff marveled at the number of sewing errors that could be made by one person. In addition to delicate hand-eye coordination, my mother, smart as she is, isn’t highly skilled at visual problem solving either. Luckily, I have these skills. My background is in art and making stuff, and working with my hands.

Don’t think I was always a good sewer. I wasn't. I was a lazy “that will do” sewer with no clue about the special needs of various fabrics or how to construct or when to change a needle. I had visions my hands couldn’t carry out. I made a few simple things (elf hats…my god did I make an inane number of elf hats one year) and a few rough costumes for Halloween and Anime conventions.

I didn’t own a sewing machine for my first 3 years in Japan. I didn’t see the need. I wouldn’t have known where to buy one.


Sewing blather )


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I went to the 100 yen shop today and wandered until the DIY tutorials and such came together in my head with the cheap supplies I might be able to buy.

I picked up a hanging organizer (for the drilled dowel) and a plastic craft sheet (two layers of plastic with corrogated plastic between it).

I went home and found some of the scraps from all my projects and some black grosgrain ribbon. I ironed the fabric, cut it, at then stitched the ribbon down every inch and finally stitched the organizer. I turned the fabric right-side-out and top-stitched on three sides. I cut the plastic to size and slipped it into the fabric pocket. Then I closed the open side with some scrap bias-tape and stitched it around the wooden dowel.
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Today I went to Immigration to finalize my visa extension (another 3 years) and my unlimited re-entry permit. After paying for that, some bills, and 47,000 painfull yen in the start of this year's pension fund gouging I headed home for more crafting on my "going to immigration" day off.

I'm starting to see the end in sight...when I move I'll have to make a few sets of curtains and look into getting a kitchen table, and before I move I need a new-to-me rangetop (propane, but city gas like I have now) and probably a new-to-me microwave. 

I think I am nearly done with the craft/furniture frenzy. I have two projects to finish and one more seat to cover and I'm done.
pictures )

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No one should go to an Ikea three time in 24 hours. It does something to your soul.

I do have more stuff corralled into bins.

I have a drapery system that has, in the past, hidden the crap under this table...which used to be in a bunch of different shaped cloth/wicker/whatever containers...and bags...and such....In the new place I hope that all of those plastic bins, above and below table, can go in the "from the waist up" raised closet in the tatami/craft room.Progress and fabric )
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Banged up clock I fished out of the trash a few years ago:

It actually looks much worse in person but I've been using it for years.After and bonus craft. )
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My apartment goods are getting revamped.

I fished this out of the trash a while back. For years I've just thrown different silk scarfs over it and used it as an end table. Over the last few days I've given it a makeover. I've ended up with something that is 70s kitchy...but if I grow tired of it I can always throw a silk scarf over it.
70's kitchen colors ahead. )
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The papers went through all right! Yay!

On Monday I pay for everything with the new apartment. Ouch but good.

This weekend I've been looking over my furniture and figuring out what needs make-overs.

Today I tackled some of my kitchen stuff. I have a set of shelves I rescued from the trash shortly after I moved in here.I scraped off a bunch of Doraemon stickers from Coco when I first got it (most of them at least) and used it as is.
Before and After )
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I am planning "money-saving time-filling stash-busting" redecorating adventures. I'll probably be painting and decoupaging my night stand (which i got from the trash a few years ago and I7ve been covering with various silk scarfs for years) and making a new tissue box cover (as I use a different shaped tissue box than the last time I made a cover...) so this is a tutorial I don't want to forget.

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Yesterday I stopped by the fabric district. I was there for chiffon. My defenses were low by the time I found the right chiffon for a nice low price (300 yen a meter...3 panel 1/2 circle skirts take about 6.5 meters) and that's when I saw the sugar skull fabric.

So, because I will be spending about 40 minutes a day on my new bike and need more shoudler bags and bags for the front basket I made this!

The print is by Henry Alexander and should be available in the states...but check out my lining!Woot! lining! )

The ling fabric is a print by a Japanese company, but I am not sure which one.


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