May. 3rd, 2012

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As God is my witness, I didn't know shiso was capable of taking over a garden. I should have known. It behaves like mint. Last year's seedpods seem to have contaminated my whole balcony. I am removing shiso sprouts from many a planter . Today I am bringing one shiso-plant to the studio in an attempt to encourage "Take a leaf home..take 5!"

... if I see anyone taking a leaf home I will try to make them take a whole plant.

My original idea was to blog a whole week of shiso uses…but I could see myself growing really annoyed with shiso and having a fridge full of shiso-food item I don't want to contemplate ever again. I live alone.

So, I'm only promising 4 days in the week. If I use it everyday and tell you about it. Hey, think of it as a Bonus. SERVICE FOR YOU!

Day one results, recipe links, and photo )
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National Holidays mean we don't get trash pickup from May3-May7th.

So the trash-Jawas in my neighborhood have padlocked the trash area. This is cruel. I might be able to abstain from tossing my trash..that's not the issue (although if it continues to be warm and humid...I won't be happy. It's raining or I'd put it on my balcony...).

There is something in the trash area I want access to!

There is a motherfucking WHITE ELEPHANT, like the sort you see guarding the entrances at cheesy Indian restaurants, that someone must have snuck into the trash in the middle of the night before the Jawas came with their locks and chains. I want that to be part of my balcony garden. I want to give that elephant a HOME!


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